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Hey there again Gameloft Sniper Fury geeks. Once again my sniper Fury game is doing nothing but fncking up since updating earlier this morning after am in game notice said I had to update to continue playing. So update I did and now EVERY time I try to start Sniper Fury it is automatically stopping. I've invested many hundred$ of real $ into this game and hundreds and hundreds of hours playing and each time you SF geeks update you're fixing stuff that's not broken. My username in Sniper Fury is HUNS0L0 and log in ID appearing at right most lower corner each time I log in is (or should I say was) e457d0d8 and I play(ed)  on a Samsung Galaxy S7 model SM-G930W8 using Nougat 7.0.1 from Bell Mobility in Canada and I have a Facebook code e235b8b1 and originally downloaded the game from Google Play Store. I am attaching a screenshot of my avatar and stats taken by a former clan mate of mine and sent to me via LINE. Hope this info gets this issue resolved quickly. Again falling behind in my progress I've worked so hard to move forward with in this game. So appreciate if this is dealt with and restored quickly.
Please and Thank You. 

Atilla Garay B.Sc.M.E.
Sent to me by former RAWS ARMY clan mate Jian A. who has joined another clan earlier today.
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