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Thu May 23, 2019 9:37 pm
hi i want report 
faction name Legion38 its dogtag is b1b:b1b60e sent screen shot of the faction 
this faction **** and its general said that they friends of american customer care and they banned our accounts and no one can banned them
they always used war protector units that they hacked in wars and they build thier basese from hack and use hack in gc and sent screen shoot of one player base they all used **** to win and said no one can banned them
u can check them 
one of the cheater and his base is build by hacker 
NOOR-L38 its dogtag is 04la82:b1b60e
sent screen shoot 
dont know if they pay money for customer care to not banned them and ban another factions or they just friends of customer care 
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