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factions hacker

Sun Dec 02, 2018 4:58 am
Lately I saw lots of players getting banned, you even managed to fully shutdown the cheating Faction "9pota." (sorry I'm not Russian thus i don't know how to correctly write that name). You also cleared "Killzone" and "~COIO3~. One thing I noticed tho is that ~COIO3~ and Killzone are slowly getting their members back - with their hacked accounts. This is something that has to be sorted out. Cheaters should never be allowed to return to the game under any circumstances. Make sure to delete ~COIO3~ and Killzone aswell, those guys mainly gained their progress through cheating. So much on the stuff you have done until now and what has to be done better in this case. Now I'm going to make a list about which factions cheated like crazy. Please take a look into those factions and make sure to ban all cheaters and shutdown the entire faction - no mercy for cheaters or people who support them.1. Mohoxpom - ~1.3 Million Glory
Those guys have been using "Dauntless 4* in every war and in almost every breach. With wars usually lasting no longer than 1 hour they can get up to 5 wars a day. 5 wars a day means some players breach up to 10 times a day. 1 full Dauntless 4 breach will set you back 420 GoldStars, 10 of them would mean those guys use 4200 GoldStars a day just for breaching units. The also use Nule III to win their fights which will also cost them quite a lot as 1 war usually involves at least 5 fights. Those guys often have no VIP levels even though they should all be sitting at 20. People like those guys are destroying it entirely for fair players. 
Summary: Crazy Cheating - Ban all of the Cheaters and delete the Faction.2. ~COIO3~ ~1.3 Million Glory
Those guys have been using full Dauntless 4 breaches in every war I have ever faced them in, making them just as bad as Mohoxpom. I have yet to see them using nukes only to win battles. Some of their guys seem to be banned, their faction is already gaining some old members back tho. That's a huge mistake you're making, never ever unban cheaters or only give them a 3 day ban. Ban those guys for good.
Summary:: Dauntless 4 Cheating and possible Nuke cheating - Ban all of the illegal players in the faction and delete the faction.3. americaTOP ~750k Glory
Those guys started using Dauntless 4 in every war around half a year ago. Some guys had crazy jumps in Defense once the Drone Shields came out (mainly a guy called M@tias). I am pretty sure not everyone in this Faction is cheating but there are definitely some guys that used illegal methods to gain either dauntless or even GoldStars. Make sure to check those players closely and remove all of the cheating ones.
Summary: Definitly some Dauntless Cheating going on along with possible GoldStar cheating. Ban the cheating players and remove some Glory from the Faction to give legal Factions a chance to catch up.4. Killzone ~490k Glory
Those guys are very special and definitely the biggest Cheaters on the list. You banned many of them but some are already back again. Those guys started using Dauntless 4 exclusively when the Drone Shields came out, also all of their defences jumped from arount 50k to about 300k. Like what? That's obvious GoldStar cheating alongside with Dauntless cheating. Those guys have to be banned as soon as possible with no chance to ever be unbanned again. 
Summary: Crazy Dauntless and GoldStar cheating, ban all the cheaters and delete the faction.Now those factions were the ones that obviously used some kind of **** to boost their glory and GoldStars. As I said before, you managed to close down 9pota. entirely, make sure you do the same with every cheating faction you encounter (exception being americaTOP as most of them seem to be legit).
I know this can't possibly b all of it, there is definitly more people cheating but those are the most obvious and most annoying ones. Factions like Samo or S!N!STER or WTOPM might also have cheaters inside them aswell but that's something you have to check as they seemed totally legit to me.
Screenshots showing the dogtags of the mentioned Factions can be viewed here:
I apologize for not uploading those Screenshots but there doesn't seem to be an option to upload more than 1 Screenshot at once.As some final words I would like to thank you guys for starting that Anti-Cheating-League and already scoring some pretty nice hits against cheaters. But please, for the love of god, make sure they stay banned for good and punish them by deleting their factions. If you ban the players and leave the faction untouched they will just create new accounts and **** again - it has happened before. 
Thanks for reading this wall of text and thanks in advance for any action taken,
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Re: factions hacker

Tue Dec 11, 2018 4:33 pm
Hi there!  If you have seen suspicious player activity, please use the "Report" icon found in the corner of the screen when viewing that player's base. This way our agents will see your report fast. Thank you!