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Dear Gameloft! I will continue my war against the annoying hackers...

Since you made this Anti-hacking League, we should perhaps highlight the bad elements of recent update. They are plenty.

You managed still not to solve the immunity-enhancement bug. Fighting superior hacker defenses of 400K is pretty tough when the bug occurs and you're no longer able to use power-ups. Would it not be suitable time to fix this??

Defense stats btw. seems to be an issue itself. If your "army power stats", which can be found in the PVP map, shows that you have 110k ground defense, you can easily find battle reports where the defense is only 80k. This issue could also need to be sorted out.

Now, back to the hackers...

Update made it no longer possible for factions to use the so-called "enlistment-trick" (kick stronger players, enlist faction, players rejoin).

A lot regular players celebreated this. Understandable. It was indeed annoying to many.
But, those players likely did not think of why so many regular factions used the enlistment trick. One of the answers is simple: they did it to avoid hacker/cheater factions. Lowering the average player glory in a faction made them able to avoid a wide range of cheating/hacking faction. While I do not like the use of such "tricks", I really really do understand why this enlistment procedure got so wide-spread.

Like explained in recent post, many hacker/cheater factions have unlimited Dauntless IV (most of them reside within CC10, but also lower CC levels have factions with seemingly unlimited Dauntless units). These cheaters obtain 100's of free medals - daily!

Then, when it comes to Global conquest, many regular, fair-playing users naturally wish to avoid their own faction being mixed with such hacker/cheater factions - because:
1) The cheater factions can easily spend 750 free medals/30 refills pr. player to dominate the Conquest map.
2) The cheater factions have extremely high defense/attack power due to their illegal obtaing of medals. 

Regular factions can NO longer avoid the cheaters. It is sad. A scandal - due to the fact that Gameloft is not banning the cheaters. Maybe in a few (very few) cases, but mostly nothing ever happens. You waste your time writing the CC-care. And again, forget about that useless red report-button...

So, in many ways the update changes made game more unfair, allthough some players celebrated the removal of the enlistment trick.

The attached picture shows an example of cheating CC10 faction B€MC. Faction DOG-TAG is c44c84, if you care (or not).
At the very moment, this faction makes it to 1st rank easily in the current Conquest Event, partly because they are being mixed up with mostly lower CC-level factions. 

B€MC is known for winning their faction wars in less than an hr. All players using Dauntless IV in breaches to scoop medals like crazy. It's like... a routine.
Thus, when it comes to the Conquest Event, B€MC burn their free medals to dominate the map, leaving other factions with zero winning chance!! 

Gameloft - destroying the regular factions chance to win a Global Conquest without spending a fortune was NO great move. I hope it wasn't calculated by you or a decission forged by your never-ending greed for money!

Change it back - or stop the cheaters. Simple!

Thank you.
B€MC cheaters in Conquest Event.jpg
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