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Glory Hackers - clean the leaderboard!

Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:20 am
Top of Glory Leaderboard (Android/iOs) consists of mainly cheaters.

=Muro= (see picture) is well-known to have quite a few accounts above 1 million glory. They obviously aren't made through regular play.
However, for some reason he and his many fake-accounts are not banned. Some might have been temporarily but, nonetheless, they remain in the game.
It may be so that Muro used some glitch or hack, which the game developers are not able to detect. If true, that remains a poor excuse.
It can easily be determinated that the accounts are fake. 1) These accounts went to a million glory in very, very short time.
2) Glory ratio is - in most accounts - 8 to 10 glory points achieved pr. battle. This is quite abnormal, since through regular play it will take a players years to reach such high glory value. Muro made it faster... anyone can tell.

=Muro= also have several other accounts where base defense or attack is extremely high. While these accounts have none or few achievements done, the offensive/defensive power easily reaches 200-300k.

=Muro= is known to reside in Türkish hacker factions which sadly haven't been stopped or banned by Gameloft. Despite 100's of players reporting them. They all use the free Dauntless IV glitch/hack (or whatever it is) to acquire huge stockpiles of gold medals many times a day. This feature has created a huge inbalance in the game, causing many regular, loyal users to leave the game.

=Muro= is also known to be complaining about other hackers on the Gameloft Facebook chat. It is a disgrace that the Gameloft Employees still seem to take this player serious. 

Would you please do us all a favor, Gameloft; remove this player and all his fake glory accounts, accounts with illegally built bases AND his cheater factions/companions! 

Such kind of players promote other players to follow their path. So, while this topic could easily address =Muro= alone, there are LOTs of players doing the same. It seems if World at Arms is completely out of Gamelofts hands!!
9/10 player-accounts in glory leaderboard top 30 are fake accounts! Please - let us get rid of them!!
Glory Hacker =MURO= ... notorious cheater with several similar accounts, most above 1 milion glory!
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