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Hello DML players,
I am "Surfing Mircea" and I have a question for you about "Elite League":
What is the minimum DML age at which a new player (VIP lower than 20) will have a team of dragons (level 100 and 8 times enchanted) capable of defeating the strongest players in DML (VIP 20) without "training","dragon fury essence" or "clan dragon" in 2019.
In 2018, after 10 months in DML, I had strongest light and shadow team, level 80, 4 times enchanted, Hathor and 2 Taiyi Zhenren, but 2018 DML update (maximum dragon level from 80 to 100 and maximum enchanting level from 4 to 8) made my team easy to defeat by others.
Today is 27.01.2019, and after 1 year in DML, I have 3 dragons level 100, Freyja, Hathor and Taiyi Zhenren, (Freyja and Hathor 8 times enchanted and Taiyi Zhenren 5 times). If I had not given 4 stars to the second Taiyi Zhenren I would have 3 divine level 100 dragons with 8 enchanting stars in less than 14 months.
Thanks for your help and good luck to all players, Surfing Mircea.
Surfing Mircea, Vip 19
6 Strongest Divine Level 100-8x in 23 Months:
Freyja, Chrono Aphrodite, Hathor (strongest team after 17 Months DML)
Chrono Nezha(20Months)
Chrono Isis(22M)
Taiyi Zhenren(23M)
40 Divine in 22 Months: Freyja,Chrono_Aphrodite,Chrono_Nezha,Hathor,Chrono_Isis,Chrono_Zeus,Chrono_Seth,Chrono_Apep, Chrono_Hades,Chrono_ErlangShen,Chrono_Pangu,5xTaiyiZhenren,3xChang'e,2xSeth,2xPoseidon, 2xErlangShen,Hermes,Ra,Loki,Thor,Heimdal,Odin, Frigg,Isis,3xOsiris,2xAnubis, Nezha,Pangu.
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Hello, I think you should post that on the discussion section.

Also I subscribed to your channel ( i'm the 2nd ) , funny to see the game from a broken account point of view lol.