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Re: Best Sigil Combos

Thu Mar 18, 2021 10:03 am
cryscryb wrote:
Could only be better if we could test the boosts as applied to various masteries...

Already in development. 8-)
- DML Planner for planning your temples and optimizing economy
- DML inspired mini card game
- 2048 minigame set in DML universe
- DML inspired tower defense minigame
- Dragon Mania Legends patch 4.0 wishlist
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Re: Best Sigil Combos

Thu Mar 18, 2021 7:19 pm
The Fire Guardian wrote:
@cryscryb  I know about the planner,use it for DOTM's but I was trying to say that if you randomly came across a Sigil Combo that's nice

I really enjoy watching people's discussion about this too Fire Guardian. 😉 I've had fun with each of the combos mentioned when I was exploring sigils. 
toomas wrote:
Already in development. 8-)

That's because you're awesome! 😉😎 Much appreciation is going on over here Toomas. 🙏

Edit: Oh, and silly me... thanks in advance for this of course! I could have sworn I found and used a patreon link before but can't see it now... Edit: Nevermind, see below.

Edit2: For anyone looking to support Toomas' efforts you can find a patreon or paypal link at the bottom of this page: