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How would you spend your gems if you have 16K of gems?

Stockpile on food
No votes
Open up 3rd slot for the legendary habitats
Max up the hatchery & portal gateway
Use it for dungeon stones
Use it for sigil chests
Use it for VIP tickets
Use it to release the 3rd elements of ADL dragons
Use it at the Whale-mart
Use it for Enchantment tickets
Purchase all gem-purchasable dragons including BOSS
Reserve it for events
Total votes : 96
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How do you spend your gems resources?

Wed Mar 03, 2021 2:29 am
If you have 16k gems in your wallet, how do you spend it?
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oh dang 16k, hmm... apart from major events, I wouldn't recommend you spending gems on anything else, coz it's so not worth it... for sigil chests, You can, maybe, buy those 5 chest bundle deals for 399 gems we get every once in a while, not the best deal, but it's certainly cheaper than usual sigil chest deals.

I too save my gems for major events becoz you never know how close you might get to getting something + you'll have the power of getting a dragon you like (well this mostly apply to Lootbox dragons only, but they are always good looking, so worthit)

Never buy food or gold with gems and NEVER invest in fruit tree (if you are fairly active).
Unlocking 3rd elements of A D L is waste, unless you plan on using them, it changes nothing in regard to DCP etc... so waste.

I just throw my legends in vault, coz legendary habitats are trash, so don't waste gems on upgrading those either.

Maxing portal is a good option if you are still completing maps + it's super helpful during castle events.
Hatchery level 4 is like the max you need to upgrade, level 5 upgrade is too costly and honestly feels like a waste.

Boss dragons are also waste, you'll end having a lot of gold sooner or later... they just take up space on island and contribute very less to DCP... and are extremely expensive... you can buy one or two cheaper ones like Mr. Popsicle if you really want some boss... but don't buy those expensive one...

VIP is also another extremely useful option, but you don't have to activate it all time.... just activate 20 days for 199 gems during major events or such.... VIP is extremely useful.
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Upgrade  things, get dragons  that cost gems.. 
Use  them on BigA  tickets  or  Big D tickets... 
And  Dungeon if ya  are  in need...Also ta  fill codex's..
As  for  Bosses   I  have  them .For  filling codex's..

And  help your clan out in events  and  lvl up ClanDragon..
And  always  to use them  at the  correct times...
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Like LadyDraco. You decide when you need to use them. Definitely not all at once. I guess I never had more than 4k at a time. Never go below a certain limit, everyone has to define it for himself, for me it's about 1.5k, because you never know when they will be needed. Unless you are a whale and can always be 16k.
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zitaliam wrote:
If you have 16k gems in your wallet, how do you spend it?

that's a lot  :D
1. Buying dungeon steps in Ancient / Divine event (ticket week)
2. Hatchery upgrade
3. Portal upgrade
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I've probably spent that many idiotically over five years. VERY accurate not self chastising. I've done some weird sh*t. May you guys not follow me down that sad sad road.
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Re: How do you spend your gems resources?

Wed Mar 03, 2021 11:19 pm
Oh, there are so many things to spend gems on, especially on Ancient and Divine events.
You may end up spending then on one event and barely get the main prizes.

Basically these days I do not spend many gems but here what I never spent on:
- gold ( I always have more than needed)
- food (I am close to the limit of 2.15 Bil and soon will need to feed my dragons)
- decorations
- speeding timers (except sometimes for clan or rarely for breeding)
- buying energy for portals

Here is what I spent on in WhaleMart:
- ancient tickets
- breeding relics (2-3times)

Here is what I spent since the beginning of the game: :
- Maxing up campaign portal
- 5 cheapest Boss dragons (before they launched Divine and Ancient Events and had nothing better to spend on)
- Maxing up hatchery
- Fruit Tree to lv11 (considering I sit on a lot of food you can say was a waste).
- Ancient Events. In fact the biggest amount I ever used (WASTED, actually) was during the Origins of Metal where I spent 4500gems on ancient Tickets (stepping stones in dungeon -cheapest option) and 2500 for the 5th slot on hatchery only to obtain Artoba and Ashkelon after a full month of timers (not even one missed for that event) and lots of gems (mostly obtained from the clam but I could fairly say the ones used to upgrade hatchery were obtained from the game).
- upgraded almost all Leg habitats (but also it is a waste as they have very low cap for hosting dragons and gold and it would be wiser to keep them in the Vault than on the islands)

Now I do not recharge at all but I also do not spend much so I gathered 7007 before this event started. I am now at 6905 as I bought all ancient tickets from Whalemart all 3 weeks before. From these only 800 are from clam that I bought immediately after Origin of Metals ended (just before I decided to stop all spending).
Now if I ever get to 16k, I'm not sure what I would do with these. Spending gems does not guarantee much these days.
Spending 16k gems you may end up with the chest dragon in an Ancient event but you might still miss the board or collection dragon if you do not buy all stones possible on offer.
Really hard to say what I would do with 16k

For me the highest amount that I've got in the game was a bit more than 7.000.
The funny thing is when I had less gems in the game I always knew on what to spend next as it was very clear what you obtained for them.
Now that I have more than ever I do not know exactly what my target is as spending them will not guarantee anything. So I guess I will keep hoarding them.
Not to say that I am not tempted at all to recharge for some more.

P.S. Before the Ancient events I never spent gems on events. And always spent my gems during a Spend Gem event ( they become more and more rare these days and probably they intend to remove them anyway).

Edit1. I also used to awaken the 3rd element for all legendaries and divines until I realized it will be a waste of gems to do so.

Edit2. Piggy Bank is a much worst offer than the clam while on sale but I bought it 1 time during that Origin Of Metal event.
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Re: How do you spend your gems resources?

Wed Mar 03, 2021 11:44 pm
Moon Rabbit wrote:
I've probably spent that many idiotically over five years. VERY accurate not self chastising. I've done some weird sh*t. May you guys not follow me down that sad sad road.

This actually made me laugh a little, sorry for that. Its just how you have written it :-)
You can maybe elaborate, so newbies dont make the same mistake as you?
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I upgraded my portal and hatchery first because portal was useful and allowed me to always have enough battles for events like Castle events. I still don't regret either, I have the hatchery filled to 5 spots a lot of the time though 3 or 4 spots is plenty. I made a bunch of mistakes too. In my early gameplay I bought the bosses, because I was too naïve at that time to realize that gold would later become obsolete. I thought the economy design would prevent that. I also thought there'd be a new island to (eventually) buy with it... and well, we saw how that worked out. It unfortunately simultaneously rendered bosses and gold obsolete, the latter of which cuts into their own bottom line, so maybe wasn't completely intended. Still, silly of me.

Never bought gold or food, but did waste some on clan event stuff for convenience (ughhh powerups) also silly and don't do anymore. I do upgrade all my L habitats out of necessity for space but do that with daily tasks gems and MVP rewards, the rest of which I now squirrel away and save for events. Bosses are nice early in the game when gold production is lower, but honestly, rearranging dragons into their highest gold-earning element into the matching highest hold habs, maxing out on player level, habs, dragons etc is nearly as good without wasting gems.
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Thanks a lot, guys, for your candid responses! 

@LavrentLo, you nailed right on the head talking about not knowing what to spend on, hence hoarding them all. That is exactly I am with the gems. That's why I am posing the poll. Also I hope this will help newbies on how to strategise their game with the scarce resources like gems, @Sannee.

@ viking99, yes it is quite a lot in comparative. Only because I didn't spent them much.  I didn't purchase all of them except for a couple of times, one on piggy bank and another on clam offer of 800. The rest? All faithfully collected from the petting, daily habitat's offer, Otto's wheel, and later, from the dungeon, for the last 3 years. It was slow going at first but started building up fairly fast at one time when the ads offered extra gems when you participated in their interactive ads. I know a lot of people don't find Otto's wheel fanciful, but this has been a constant source of daily steady collection for me.

As for spending them, I couldn't find anything that I felt like spending on, even on events like Ancient. Except for last Ancient which I dropped 1,500 gems to get the tickets for the Soft. I am thinking of dropping some more on this event because I like the designs of the collection and I want to have a void in my team. The only one other event I do spent on is the gem-spending event if it offers good dragons. 

@Airbender1505, I get what you meant by not spending on food or gold. I won't spend on gold for sure, but food? I may consider it because my teams are still fairly mid-level. The highest is at 42, 4*. The bites get pretty expensive as the level goes up and I don't want to level a few dragons only but a whole team of 12 dragons together. So even with my current stock of 1.14B stockpile, I don't think that will get me far. I may added that I don't necessarily want to level them up at one shot but gradually because the gameplay is such that the opponents get levelled up correspondently. Right now, I am comfortable with the level as I still have few good dragons to collect at this level. That is a good tip of 5-chest bundle for sigils. I must have missed them out when they made their appearance. I will be on the lookout for them now that I know. Portal has maxed already but hatchery in on Level 4 and yes, 2500 gems to max is also a bit too stiff for me, even with the 16K. 

Yes, I agreed with you @cryscryb on the earlier purchases of Boss, but I also stopped buying them after acquiring 5 of them. But having abundant gold is currently still useful to me because I want to grow my food pile to 2B plus like LavrentLo  ;) .  Like LadyDraco, I would probably go to buy them to complete the codex. Talking about codex, how high on the priority list is this with you, guys? 

Relics are good to get but currently with the cap on, I could hardly add on with what I have in my inventory. Except for the den, I hardly use any of them. 

At this point, I would very much like to stay away from the events and get back to what I fell in love with the game in the first place - collecting dragons, and enjoying the dragons I have in my stable, especially the babies. I still have over 80 eggs to hatch and I couldn't for lack of space. That is why I am looking at opening up the 3rd slot in the legendary habitats - to keep all the babies in one island (a nod to someone who once suggested an island just for babies, yes, please Gamesloft, do do do have one in the offering), also because I am already maxed out at my level. And sadly there aren't many dragons left to breed and most of them now is collectible by events or battles which does take a spark out of the fun that game has to offer. 

@LadyDraco, I don't have a clan to help out as I am a single-player clan. 

@stachys, oh, I definitely would not spend them all. Being a die-hard hoarder, I would leave a threshold of 10K to be comfortable?  :D   and ya @Moon Rabbit, how did you spend yours? I mean idiotically or not, the gems were sort of given 'free' and so it is right to give it back to the game. I know I have 'wasted' a few thousands of them over the years too but the 'pain' got passed rather quickly when the stock level get replenished pretty fast. That is the one thing I noticed - when you spend the resources, the game give it back fairly soon enough. That's probably get me hooked to the game despite all the whatnots and 'gripes'.