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Re: Opinions on new event?

Mon Mar 30, 2020 4:10 pm
I enjoyed this event, but considerably less than the first Ancient event. Things were maybe a tad too lax in the first game (I ended up with four Pokra dragons!). But things were overly tight in this event, and I really felt tired at how long it was. The Ancient Fire event was one I wanted to keep playing. This one would have been better had it ended a week ago, at least.  It got old, the tight restrictive play and the small number of higher pieces in the chests. Those surprises keep a player's spirits up, especially in these long games. It's a psychological ploy that is used in casinos. Frequent "wins" provide positive reinforcement, keeps a person's drive high. This game destroyed our drive instead.

I did very well in this event, winning pretty much all the dragons (except ones I already had, didn't try for those). I even played 10-12 games of Double Trouble beyond the winning of Copper. To my surprise, on this last evening I won the final prize of the Shrine, too - something I wasn't working toward or expected. Evidently I earned enough in-game malletstones and weekend event malletstones to take me that last bit. I had figured how many stones I would have had to buy and found it would cost less to just buy the gems, but my game had other ideas and I acquired the malletstones by playing.

I spent every ticket I had for the Ancient chest game, of course, but it wasn't near as much fun as in the past. The decorations are too much. Now I have hundreds that I'll have to sell one at a time, and I don't need the gold. I'm over 800 million gold already and have nothing to spend it on. That really does need to be handled somehow. It's so completely unfair to use gold as a reward when higher-up players have no use for it. That's not our fault! But it sure brings down the enthusiasm, because the gold is more like a punishment than a reward.  And punishment will drive people away.

The Bingo event was a fun addition, and one I truly enjoyed and appreciated. The hardest part for me was that the new board would switch at 3 a.m., and I HAD to play it immediately! Of course, that was my problem, but since I'm an insomniac I was usually  awake anyhow. The prizes were pretty good, although using previously-introduced dragons leads back to the "punishment vs. reward" problem I mentioned before. A prize that is a dragon you've already won here is no longer a reward, and the dismay and disappointment brings it into the realm of punishment again. This could be handled fairly simply by giving a person a choice of prizes, one or two being dragons, and one always being food. I think all of us are probably willing to accept food as a prize. Other prizes could be used, too, but a choice between three things would help to keep all wins rewarding instead of disappointing.

I want to wind this up with some comments about paying for gems, malletstones, etc. I don't have a problem supporting the game to the best of my ability when it comes to purchases. And I spent a certain amount on this event. But just because we spend money doesn't mean we're going to win (unless you buy everything). Winning still takes a certain amount of strategy and luck. I think I have normal luck, and I try to keep a positive outlook on things - which is not always easy! I didn't spend nearly as much on this game as some others evidently have, and yet I came out better than they did. I collected malletstones nearly every offered opportunity, won stones when I could, and bought a couple of the better bundled deals. I also bought malletstones when they were on sale. And at the end I have close to all the dragons that could be won this month.

So if I could do it on a smaller budget than some others who ended up with less end reward, can their losses really be all Gameloft's fault??

I know the tendency is to throw all blame on GL, and they do a big enough number of unfair-to-player practices (in my opinion) - but let's be logical and not put more blame on them than they're due. If you've spent money enough to win and yet didn't win, there's more going on than things Gameloft did or didn't do. Be honest with yourself and with us. I am not here to cause argument or to fight, but when I see things like this I feel they need to be pointed out with more logic than emotion.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm tired! *LOL*  I hope everyone gets rested up this week, and manages to hatch all their new dragons.

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Re: Opinions on new event?

Mon Mar 30, 2020 6:29 pm
A review of the Ancient Event,

Overall I like the event and think the bingo cards were a nice addition.
Jumping into the flames now: GL increased the difficulty of this event and went overboard -- rolling 30 doubles for 1 battle is just wrong. It was much better at 10 doubles/10 tickets. I did get Copper at the last reset but I am very disappointed that malletstones can only be bought using cash. Why a cash purchase only when we have already bought the game currency, namely gems with *cash* already. I had 262/270 chests opened but only 451/500 pieces including 20 pieces from the shrine, and found I couldn't get a few more malletstones in order to get the dragon with my gems. The drop rate of dragon pieces above x1 was very low and should be increased. In the first Ancient event, I'd opened 170 chests at best and got Molim a week before the end of the event. Perhaps the devs thought that was too easy. It wasn't easy at all, but what about landing somewhere in the middle with those drop rates?

I based my strategy on the last event and found myself without a cool Ancient dragon. If I'd known I had to go round and round more, I would have from the start and I guess this is how I will plan for the future but this game is supposed to be fun and not a grind of passing go 270 times (theoretically, of course, some Ancient chests will be opened in the process). Let's just say it's too much and creates burnout and the event itself dragons on forever. Asking players to hold up their breeding den and set an alarm every six hours over a month period is wrongful. Please don't say, "it gives you more time." That would be fine if the goals were achievable in 3 weeks if you worked hard, but there is so much luck involved now it is a grind until the end and so the event becomes unpleasant.

Let's talk about spending on these events. GL is a business so I expect that the devs encourage players to spend $$ however that money spending requirement, and it is a requirement (now for almost everything and that is overboard!). I bought the shrine, extra den, and small clam and that should be enough. For the most part, if you want those premium dragons, you will be paying a premium and this has steadily increased over the last year to be blatant and unbecoming to the game. Were it not for their clans, many would have quit playing entirely. GL needs to provide a better product with items we want to purchase that we spend gems on, not squeeze out every cent in these events. These should be fun and rewarding for most players. In my opinion, every player should walk away with a couple of dragons out of the 4. I say again, a mini castle event with one guaranteed...

I did walk away with a couple of new Legendary dragons. Already had Fairy, but happy for those that didn't have it. Getting scrap metal from Bingo was pretty cool. I do have 1 new Ancient, Ashkelon is a part of my family, and I'm thankful I had the luck to get him. I'd like to see some "special" bingo cards added with pieces to the dragons like Artoba, the prize dragon. I also appreciated the gifts from GL. Those were very cool, unexpected and appreciated.

A congratulatory shout out to everyone who got all of the dragons, and especially those with good luck. We can all use a bit of good luck!
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Re: Opinions on new event?

Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:53 pm
All in all i thought this event was good, the idea was great however the execution left a lot to be desired. I really waited til the end to post here my thoughts hoping it would be well worth the time and effort it entailed. it was not.

First of all even though i liked the way it was thought out, how it was implemented was too time consuming.
Granted getting the Ancient dragons should be difficult, but unless you're willing to buy in this it should never be impossible to accomplish.
the cost of getting Copper dragon reward for completing the dice doubles....was way too lengthy and too timely.
The amount of pieces needed to get the ancients was twice as hard as a divine and the way it was given with 4-6 spaces each turn around the dice board made it too untenable..
Then there's Ashkelon Rising...two legendary dragon pieces competing for this was helpful for those of us that didn't have Fairy. But for those like me that not only have been able to breed it when it was offered, then again having offered it for a previous divine throw it in there and having it more available than the one needed for the Ashkelon rising......well frankly it stank.
Steel Ember dragon really should have been equal or easier in chance to get than Fairy. (I now have two as it is hard to not have any legendary by getting just one ticket for it if you've already gotten it.) They really should make this part based on rarity not whether you have it already. 
I came up 13 pieces shy of getting Steel ember.... I got fairy AGAIN but failed on getting Ember by a mere 13 pieces which bites..

With a little tweaking here and remembering there are those not really wanting to spend money given the circumstances we all are now facing here.i understand you need to make some but not at the expense of either eating or keeping healthy.
As stated from most we all should be able to get at least one or two from these events by doing a fair amount events, without chosing a vital necessity to do without at a time we all need to be careful.
Just my opinion here.
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Re: Opinions on new event?

Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:48 pm
The conversion rate for duplicate dragons to chest tickets in these lucky dip events should relate to the number of puzzle pieces in the dragon. It doesn't seem right that a 100+ piece dragon is the same value as a 40 piece dragon. This time around I finished up cashing in so many Legendary dragons.
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Re: Opinions on new event?

Tue Mar 31, 2020 6:46 am
I liked the Bingo cards.

Unfortunately, that's about all the positive things I can say about this event.

The drop rates were absolutely abysmal, there were many, many times when out of the 10 chests I opened there were no Ancient cards, at all. Ended up the event with 388/500 pieces of Zephujin. I know these dragons are premium/paywalled, and I wouldn't even mind paying a bit for extra tickets to get them, but it was all just too costly. Not worth it for a bunch of pixels. 

It's also horribly tedious to have to grind for an entire month and sacrifice your own health and wellbeing only to get nothing in return. But I know that’s my own fault for choosing to keep playing. 

Other than that there were just few chances of getting tickets, other than the Dungeon, which some of us lower level players kinda **** at. There should at least have been weekend food gathering/gold spending events that awarded tickets. 

I'm honestly concerned about future Ancient events when GL will inevitably find ways to make gameplay elements that worked/were enjoyable in previous events and make the RNG absolutely impossible until the only way to get any satisfaction out of them is to spend half your monthly salary on every event.