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Thanks for always posting this threads :)

And happy New Year to every1  :P
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Ooh another great looking Dotm. Hoping that since this is Dark Ice, that Dark Fire will appear sometime soon as that is another great looking dragon that I've wanted since I first saw it (Really hope it doesn't cost money).

Busy week, since I don't have Posh either, but I've got all month and its not too often now I don't have the dotw so will try for that first.
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I LOVE the dragon soo much, like so majestic, can you tell me the name of the new calendar event dragon.
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I love the Dark Ice Dragon, it's so cool looking!! The Dark Ice Dragon is amazing! I'll get prepared, good luck to everyone next year (get it?)!
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Special thanks for making time to post while you're away, Idoine :) Another one I'd love to add to my collection...
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Thanks, Idoine! I like this dragon, too. Fire and Rust gives me a chance at Rustwater and Rune, so I may try those two even if they aren't the best combination.
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I almost always use the fire combo if there is one and it works pretty good for me. I actually thought about bypassing it this time due to Rune (I've had sooo many runes, I've lost count) BUT I don't have Rustwater yet and the other combos have ones I'd rather not get, as well, sooo... I'll keep with fire, he seems to enjoy his job, even if he gets a bit "hot under the collar" and "testy" when he doesn't get a break for awhile. But he should be all rested up now (and his younger brother, for the other den - who is still much older than 18, however! Lol!) and be in rare form! Here's hoping!

All body parts are crossed and sending out many oodles of sacrifices to the Goddess for everyone to get this dragon, post haste and start the New Year off right!
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He's a gorgeous one for sure. Definitely be working at breeding this one. Hopefully I can get Posh sorted quickly so I can put two different combos to work on this.

Thanks Idoine.
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This one looks really nice. I shall try it, but I do not have high hopes. In December I did not get a single one of the DOTW nor the DOTM. On the positive side, I did not get the diaper lady either.
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Thanks for the post Idoine.
So another new DOTM, it will help me in my mission 400 ( dragons ) ^-^
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