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Topic for Scamming

Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:56 am
Hi to all suffered from scamming and to the scammers. This topic is devoted to you.

I decided to rise this question again since there are some cases of the issue reached us.

First of all. Whenever it can sound ridiculous but SCAMMING of ALL TYPES is PROHIBITED.

Everyone who does it must know that sooner or later you will be punished. To prevent flood please note one thing: punishment is not the thing to be discussed by players.

Second and the most important piece of information has to do with the people who got scammed by another players. You won't get scammed until you help the scammer yourself.

The trading system made for the game is quite safe when you understand how it works.

So, the trade can be successfully made when BOTH of the players agreed with the conditions of the deal. If you place your article (money) for trade, DO NOT press confirm until you see another players suggestion (another article or money).

As soon as you see the suggestion you may press confirm. Since this time your opponent CANNOT change his article (remove it). In this case the trade window closes and you see “Trade canceled” message.

DO NOT believe anyone in the chat that he/she/it Smiley would send you anything via ingame mail or anything like that. The trade is to be open and the conditions are to be clear to both sides like it has been initially designed.

DO NOT ever agree to buy gold or any other items for real money or any other things (a car, a house or even a scrap of paper) for any O&C items including the one you have bought from Gameloft for real money.

It is violation of the TERMS OF USE of the application.

If you would like to purchase/sell another account you should know that this is not only illegal but will be opened sooner or later and result in some inconveniences listed on the Terms of Use.

Let's stop scamming in the game once and for all!!!