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Joy FromGameloft

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Hello everyone,

We’d like to thank everyone who reported the Android exploit that allowed players to duplicate their purchases. Your feedback was greatly appreciated and it allowed us to find the root of the problem and fix it.

Every player who was found abusing the bug received a two-week ban and their VIP levels were rolled back to the ones before the exploit.

See you in Haradon!
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Jason voorhees

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Google Play (Android)


Hello i first would like to start of saying that it is not fair for the punishment you are giving the players that "exploited" the rune bug purchase. It was the developers mistaken in the first place to make something so important to the game such as purchasing runes so vulnerable. It did not take rocket science to "exploit" the bug. Simply purchaae runes, logg off and logg back on and you have double what you purchased. No hacking skills required. Secondly by rolling back the royal level do you mean just that perk like the royal market, the color names and the dynamic portrait? or do we loose items, gold gear and mounts as well?