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Forgotten email

Wed Aug 22, 2018 7:54 am
I made my account probably 6 years ago, I’ve decided recently upon the purchase of my new phone that I will get involved in this game again casually. I tried to get on with my username and password that I last used, however it seems I either changed it and forgot or someone has stolen my account. I am able to name microtransactions I’ve made on the account and can recall various gear I had on my toons (main name; Slayer____ ) some may remember me as a ganker on my warrior. I would love to get back into the game but I don’t know the email, so I was posting here to see if there is anyway to recover the email? I’d be able to get into the email as it will be 1 of 3 passwords however I’ve tried everythig with the GL Live username. 
Thanks for your time

P.S. I have never used a forum and don’t know how, sorry if posted incorrectly.