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Hello soldiers! I am looking for a unique person & player in Modern Combat 5 with similar long-term goals as me that will mold like Ying and Yang and vice versa that I feel at ease playing and communicating with and can overtime put a lot of trust in, so that we can accomplish cool things.

To summarize what my long-term plans are to begin with I'm hoping to collect a group of hardcore players on Android to begin with (and overtime on the PC version as well [depends primarily which platform you prefer too]
Creating a tight and ambitious squad and community that contains very dedicated long-term players of MC5 with a shared commitment to be something extra with big plans.

To specify what I'm hoping for is to unite a group of amazing players that can get to know each other's strenghts and weaknesses in the game with a teamwork consisting of a deep understanding of the game and strategic planning, as well as good communication in order to in the long run become a well-known and respected squad and community of players in Modern Combat 5. That not only compete for prizes in ESL tournaments, but also arrange our own event tournaments in for instance Battle Royale and keep the interest in the game fresh and blooming!

My hope is to eventually have a big group of teammates as well as close online friends that trust each other. My biggest dream is to run a high quality YouTube channel that is connected to the squad, posting everything from battles, montages, information about new game updates, MC5 events and so on. A crucial and valuable source of information surrounding everything related to the game, similar to the top of the line YouTube channel HellFire but with our own spin of course.

But without a doubt these ambitions will obviously be a long and time consuming process and the crucial first step to make anything possible I'm searching far and wide hoping to find the perfect right hand man/woman in Modern Combat 5, a player with the same commitment to the game as me as well as a person I'd click with on a personal level and can overtime put a lot of trust in, and vice versa on me. Someone that share similar goals within Modern Combat 5 and want to create a game related community.

I've written a list of some important factors that I hope you're personality match with to a certain degree at least, hopefully it can give some general insight:
• Online several times a week at similar times and stay online for several hours per occasion
• Someone that can match with my Swedish time zone in terms of playing together often
• Someone that I can learn new skills from in MC5 and vice versa
• Someone with as much experience playing the game if not more than me when it comes to squads and game related content creations
• Interested in game details and trivia to master the game
• Reached VIP 9 or 10 with Paragon Armor
• All classes and a majority of weapons unlocked
• Mastered a certain class and a prefered weapons choose that you feel comfortable with
• Talent in video editing, after effects, website design, or social media marketing
• Big English vocabulary and easy to communicate with both in voice and text
• Enjoy the game mode Capture the Flag a lot as well
• At a Level between 95 - 140
• Excellent willpower and easy going
• A similar dark kind of humour like me
• Have some level of interest in music
• Someone that isn't afraid to discuss serious or controversial topics
• A smart and analytic person
• Good at planning and effectively utilizing time
• Interested in becoming a MC5 creator overtime like me and share responsibility for a YouTube channel surrounding the game (OR something along those lines like a big Discord server or someone that is interested in Twitch streaming, simply put, doing something artsy & creative related to MC5!)
• Good at being in control and sharing a responsibility in uniting a group of different players for a common cause like a squad battle or arranging a big event
• Honest and genuine person
• Easy to get ahold of during the days and down to earth

That's a summary of the kind of Modern Combat 5 right hand wingman I'm looking for! Obviously I don't except or demand that you'll fit every sentence, but it gives a picture of the collaboration I'm looking for and insight into what I value.

If you are interested then feel free to contact me via this Forum in a post below or send me a PM!
Or you can simply get ahold of me through this WhatsApp number: +46738785184

If you know someone that fits my description and might be interested let them know!

Thank you for you're time and have a really Far Out day! 😎✌️

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Fave Mode: Capture the Flag
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All classes and 99% all weapons unlocked
Solo Event Cups: Gold Medal: Tracker Ops Event, leaderboard position 32 with 4084 kills
Gold Medal: ONI Event, leaderboard position 2 with 258 score
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Daniel Macarthur

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I guess you hit your luck i normally spend more than 7-8 hours playing the game when im bored or when i need some relaxation
We can be friends
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Hello striker, let's build a term.
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I’m online normally I’m a corporal rank I know the game better than anyone does I’ve had the game since it first came out sadly my old account K9Cops222 was deleted by the progress loss bug I was a very high rank in the game my dog tag # is c6e42 if interested