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Beneficial weapon improvements!

Wed Feb 10, 2021 2:27 pm
Honestly, I've had enough of being killed by Prestige users over and over
Prestige weapons such as Grinder and Lux, needs to be nerfed rate wise, and
Armour **** wise too 

Max **** for Prestige to be 40 (100 is Ridiclous)

What I suggest for the new ROF Grinder 780, Lux 510, this will be very beneficial for 
new players to counter instead of being killed like they're nothing,
Prestige players enjoy abusing the sheer power of Prestige to their advantage, due to the 
lack of skill needed to kill with them. 

Also, weapon improvements for new players! 

COMPACT - 665 480 ROF to 640 . + 10 **** 

MSG - 33 25 damage and 15 mag size, (12 does work kind of, but not enough for it) + 10 **** 

HAWK - 13 14 Mag size and 305 ROF  

RED 34 ROF from 492 to 620  Damage be slightly nerfed from 25, to 21 in exchange for higher rate.

RATOG 132 ROF to 180

FHG   150 ROF to 170
Make all Armour avalible to purchase via Tokens or Diamond dust (Paragon included)
You shouldn't have to pay so much just to obtain 1 op set of armour.
(This change will be beneficial for every player)

Assault Gear - from 12% to 15%
Samurai Projectile - armour from 24% to 30%
Elite Nova Suit - Explosive Armour from 22% to 25%

                                                                         Hacking Issue for PC
Make the application shutdown, when going outside the game.
Venom VIP hack and **** Engine will be rendered useless, cos both applications require changes in order to function.
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Re: Beneficial weapon improvements!

Thu Jun 17, 2021 9:11 pm
Although several months have passed since your post, I still want to support your proposal. The imbalance in the game is very typical for games where there are in-game purchases. In this way, developers encourage players to buy items that will give them an advantage over others. I don't like that and I want to keep at least some balance, because that way I lose more and lose motivation and pleasure from the game.
I wonder if the developers will ever see your suggestions, or they do not read the forum at all?