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Greetings, soldiers!
And Happy New Update! :D

Here's what we have in store for you now:

Supermarine Tier 5 armor
Designed for the ultimate soldier, this highly advanced prototype makes no compromise between protection, utility, and ease of movement
Protection: 34% against Explosives, 28% against bullet damage
4 Core Slots: offensive, defensive, utility, universal
Headgear Bonus +10 HP

New universal and custom skins for Weapons
“Fireworks” Firecracker camo – What’s a New Year celebration without fireworks?
“Contamination” Stacker camo- The spread of bullet fever
“Supermarine” universal camo- Meant only for the sups
"Twin Dragons" universal camo - Double the power
"Eternal Chains" universal camo - Mythical shackles which bind the reality with the fantasy to explore oneself.
Jade weapons- Get frags in style with the new jade themed weapons

New Body camos to match your weapon: Eternal Chains, Twin Dragons, Supermarine

Lunar New Year Masks and Killsigns
“Zhu”- Mighty as the gods themselves.”
Shandian- “Never strike twice in the same way; always be faster than your enemy.”

Weapon balance tweaks
Firecracker damage per bullet increased
Whisperer damage per bullet increased
Whisperer shoot animation improved

Bug fixes
- fixed several instances causing “servers overload” to be displayed
- reduced the instances of server disconnected
- fixed several issues resulting in crashes
- misc bug fixes
- Antihacking measures
- performance improvements

I've created this thread where you can go in and share your thoughts and impressions. Please feel free to use it! :)

Let the shooting fest begin! :D