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Weapon upgrades in the Spring Update

Thu Mar 03, 2016 4:03 pm
Introducing weapon upgrades

 Experience a new progression system for both new and seasoned players. All weapons can now be improved according to their tier. Tier 1 weapons get one upgrade, tier 2 can be upgraded twice, following the same pattern up to  tier 7, which can be upgraded up to 7 times. The upgrade level of a weapon is indicated by its MK level.
How to upgrade?

Accumulate the required weapon score  to unlock the upgrade on each weapon. Upgrades will require a series of dedicated parts: 
- weapon parts 
- mod kits

Weapon parts 

Weapon parts are class specific and can be obtained from:

- end of the match rewards (both multiplayer and singleplayer)
- combat and elite packs
- the black market 
- events rewards

Mod kits 

A single Mod Kit is required for one upgrade level. Mod kits come in 3 varieties:

- Basic - used for to MK 1&2 upgrades
- Improved - used for MK 3&4 upgrades
- Perfected - used for MK 5,6,7 upgrades

Mod kits can be obtained from: end of the match rewards, combat and elite packs, the black market as well as events rewards.

 New weapon Stat- Armor Penetration 

Ever since we’ve added armors, we’ve felt the need to offer all players a way to respond to the increased damage reduction using thier favorite weapons. Armor penetration is a new improvable stat available  to all weapons through the upgrade system.  

Pro weapons
Pro weapons are no longer completely separated from the normal version of the same weapon.  Instead, upgrading the basic weapon to Mark 1 will turn a normal weapon into the first version of pro weapons.
Nothing will be lost in the transition
 Each weapon or attachment that you have already unlocked will remain unlocked. Pro weapons will remain Pro (equivalent of first upgrade level: Pro MK 1).