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[TIPS] Basic Questions & Answers

Wed Oct 15, 2014 1:06 pm
Q-What is the size of the game?

A-The installed game takes 1.5 GB, but the device requires 2.5 GB for the installation process (for both the installation and the downloaded file). After the installation is completed, the downloaded file is deleted.

Q-Do I need to be connected to the Internet to play?

A-No, it’s not needed, but you won’t be able to challenge your friends, compete in the Worldwide Leaderboard or upload your ghosts unless you connect.

Q-I have made a purchase, but it doesn’t appear in the game. What can I do?

A-You need to contact Customer Care. Just go to Options and choose CUSTOMER CARE. Fill out the form and explain your issue. We’ll contact you as fast as we can.

Q-How do I progress in Career Mode?

A-You just need to race and earn Stars and Asphalt Credits. Some of the Events are locked by Stars, while others require that you own a specific car.

Q-How do I unlock Career Mode Events?

A-You can unlock an Event by obtaining the required number of Stars, by purchasing a specific car, by purchasing a car from a specific class or from a certain manufacturer (for example, any Audi car), or one that has the required engine type (for example, electric).

Q-Which cars have electric engines?

A-The Audi R8 e-tron, Tesla Model S, Citroën Survolt, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive, and Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning all have electric engines.

Q-How can I unlock the cars?

A-The cars in Asphalt 8 are not locked. You just need the correct amount of Asphalt Credits to buy them.

Q-How do I upgrade a car?

A-In the Garage Menu or in the car selection screen, tap on the UPGRADE icon in the lower part of the screen. The game will display the car stats and the available upgrades. There are 4 categories of upgrades: Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling and Nitro. Just tap on the icon to buy the upgrade of the desired category. There are 5 steps of upgrade per category.
How do I buy Asphalt Credits?
In the Main Menu, tap the big “+” symbol near your Asphalt Credits and the In-App Purchase shop will open.

Q-How do I earn Asphalt Credits?

A-"You earn Asphalt Credits by racing in Career Mode and Multiplayer World Series. Note that the amount of credits won depends on your position and the amount of Stars earned in Career Mode.
By contrast, Quick Solo Race and Local Wi-Fi Race are two game modes where all locations are available, but where there are no Asphalt Credits to gain."

Q-How do I earn Stars?

A-Stars measure your progress throughout Career Mode. There are 180 Events with 5 Stars to gain in each one, for a total of 900 Stars. The first 3 Stars are always won by position/time/score in a Career Event. This depends on the game mode. The 4th and 5th Stars are won by completing two specific objectives per Event. These objectives are described in the Pre-race screen.

Q-How do I buy Stars?

A-"Stars are used to unlock Seasons. Also, certain Events in each Season are locked with Stars.
Each Career Season can be accessed instantly by purchasing a Season Unlock from the Season page. Purchasing a Season Unlock also opens all events in that Season. Stars themselves, however, cannot be purchased."

Q-Can I play on any track with any car tier immediately?

A-"In a QUICK SOLO RACE, you can race in all locations with the cars that you currently own.
In LOCAL Wi-Fi RACE, you can race with the first car of every Class for free."

Q-How do I save progress?

A-Progress is saved automatically. If you are logged in, your progress will also be saved in the Cloud.

Q-What is car rank and what is the purpose of it?

A-A car's rank takes into account Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling and Nitro. It is an indicator of the power of your selected car and is used in the game to indicate the probable rank you need to win an Event. You can increase a car’s rank by upgrading the car in the Garage Menu, or you can buy cars with higher ranks.

Q-What are the rules of Classic Mode?

A-In Classic Mode, the goal is to finish in first, second or third place to win 3, 2 or 1 Stars, respectively. There are no other special conditions.

Q-What are the rules of Versus Mode?

A-In Versus Mode, you are pitted against only one opponent and the goal is to finish the race first. No other special conditions.

Q-What are the rules of Knockdown Mode?

A-In Knockdown Mode, you race against one rival and many other cars. Your goal is to knock down more cars than your rival, either in a set amount of time, or from a set amount of cars.

Q-What are the rules of Elimination Mode?

A-In Elimination Mode, whoever is last during the race gets a timer. When the timer reaches zero, the last-place racer is eliminated. The timer resets each time a racer is eliminated. Your goal is to be the last one standing, in which case you will be awarded 3 Stars. If you finish 2nd or 3rd you will receive 2 or 1 Stars respectively.

Q-What are the rules of Infected Mode?

A-In Infected Mode, the racer in last place gets infected at regular intervals. Infected racers have a timer and are visually rendered green. When the timer runs out, the infected racer explodes, loses some time and then gets cured. All infected racers have infinite Nitro. Hit other racers to infect them and to gain extra time on the infected timer. Your goal is to cross the finish line in the first, second or third position to get 3, 2 or 1 Stars respectively.

Q-What are the rules of Gate Drift Mode?

A-In Gate Drift Mode, there are multiple gates around the track. You have to be drifting when you pass through the gate to score points. If you drift outside the gate or pass through the gate without drifting, you won’t score any points. There are no opponents, only a time limit. Your goal is to reach the target score to get at least 1 Star, or score higher than the target to get more Stars.

Q-Can I check my goals and objectives while in a race?

A-In Career Mode, the objectives are explained in the pre-race screen. Tap on any Event poster to get extra info about the race: the type of challenge and the 4th- and 5th-Star objectives. Once an Event has been chosen and the car is selected, you will see the objectives again in the loading screen. If you are already racing, you can tap the Pause icon and you will see the 4th- and 5th-Star objectives displayed on the screen.

Q-How do I change the Radio Station?

A-While racing, tap the PAUSE icon and select the type of music that you like most.

Q-Do I have a rear-view mirror?

A-No, you don’t have time to look back during the races.

Q-How do I change the camera view?

A-You can change it during the race by tapping the small camera icon near the upper-right corner of the screen. You can also change it by tapping PAUSE/OPTIONS/SOUND AND DISPLAY.

Q-How do I see my medals list?

A-In the Main Menu, tap your emblem (upper-left corner of the screen) to access your Profile. In the Profile screen, you'll see several tabs. Tap the MEDALS tab.

Q-What is a Ghost?

A-A Ghost is a save of a dedicated race for a dedicated car by a player. In the game, they appear as translucent cars that replay a saved race. Whenever you finish an Event that features Ghosts (there will be a blue diamond Ghost icon on the Event poster), you can save what you have done by tapping the SAVE YOUR GHOST icon.

Q-How do I add a friend in Asphalt Tracker?

A-In the Main Menu, tap your emblem (upper-left corner of the screen) to access your Profile. In the Profile screen, there are several tabs. Tap the SOCIAL tab and connect to Game Center or Facebook. You can add your friends from Facebook. Their activity is displayed in the Friends' Activity Window in the Main Menu. You have quick access to FRIENDS in the Main Menu if you are already connected.

Q-How do I accept a friend challenge in Friend’s Activity?

A-Tap on the Challenge in the Friends' Activity window in the Main Menu. Your friend’s Ghost will be automatically downloaded and you will be directed to the Challenge. Select your car and you will be racing against the Ghost. By tapping FRIENDS in the Main Menu, you’ll access a wall where you can see all the messages.

Q-How do I add a friend from a multiplayer game lobby?

A-"In a Multiplayer LOCAL Wi-Fi RACE, one player creates a room by tapping CREATE. Once the room is created, the other players need to select JOIN (LOCAL Wi-Fi RACE/JOIN ROOM) and then select the race from the list.
Multiplayer WORLD SERIES is a competitive mode matching players from all over the world against each other. The matchmaking system selects players with similar Cars, Ranks, and Leaderboard positions and assigns them to a match. This mode is the ultimate online racing competitive experience and is designed to pit players against opponents with similar skill. Tap on WORLD SERIES, select your car, and then tap JOIN ROOM and select a race mode."

Q-How do I send a challenge to a friend?

A-In Career Mode, some Events offer you the possibility to ADD GHOST TO RACE (at the bottom left of the screen). Tap on the icon to select a Ghost from one of your friends and challenge it automatically.

Q-How can I see a friend’s statistics?

A-Tap the FRIENDS icon in the Main Menu. You are now checking your friend’s activity. If you tap the FRIENDS tab, you’ll see a complete list. Choose any of them and you’ll see a window with their stats. You can also tap your emblem (upper-left corner of the screen) to access your Profile. In the Profile screen, you'll see several tabs. Tap the SOCIAL tab. If you are already connected, you will see a list of your friends below. Tap them to see their statistics.

Q-How do I change the color of my car?

A-In the Garage Menu or the car selection screen, tap on the CAR PAINT icon and choose a new color for your car. Please note that different cars have different colors available, depending on the car licensor agreements.

Q-How do I change the window tint? How do I apply a decal?

A-Changing the color of the car also affects the tone of the window’s tint and of any stripes. The option to add decals is not present in this release.

Q-How can I change the default sharing network?

A-From the Main Menu, tap your emblem (upper-left corner of the screen) to access your Profile. In the Profile screen, there are several tabs. Tap the SOCIAL tab and select your social network.

Q-How do I change the language of the game?

A-In the Main Menu, tap the OPTIONS icon (upper-right corner near the Gameloft icon). Now select the LANGUAGES icon and choose the desired FLAG.

Q-How do I adjust the speed unit?

A-In the OPTIONS menu, accessible from the Main and Pause Menus, select SOUND AND DISPLAY. In the lower part of the screen, you will find the SPEED UNIT section.

Q-How do I adjust the volume of the Music, SFX and Engine?

A-In the OPTIONS menu, accessible from the Main and Pause Menus, select SOUND AND DISPLAY. There are some sliders to adjust the various volumes.

Q-What are Barrel Rolls and Flat Spins?

A-A Barrel Roll is an aerial maneuver in Asphalt 8 that sends the car flying in a corkscrew trajectory. It can be initiated by jumping off curved ramps at high speed. A Flat Spin is another aerial trick in Asphalt 8 during which the car spins in the air. It can be triggered by jumping off a normal ramp while drifting. Both these tricks reward nitro during a race. Skilled players can perform several rolls or spins in a single jump, which is a solid strategy to quickly fill their car's nitro bar.

Q-How do I level up in the game?

A-You can level up by taking part in World Series (Online Multiplayer) races. Each World Series race awards experience, depending on player performance: Finishing in 1st place awards more experience than just participating.

Q-How do I customize controls? I want to choose my own control scheme, like in Asphalt 7.

A-Unfortunately, there is no option to customize the control scheme in Asphalt 8. You have to choose one in the Options menu.

Q-The game lags on my Galaxy Note 2. What should I do?

A-In order to play with the best performance, please turn off your POWER SAVING mode and make sure your device doesn't have too many background processes running at the same time as Asphalt 8.

Q-Does Asphalt 8 support AirPlay mode?

A-Yes. In order to play via Apple TV, please follow these steps: 1. Go to your multitasking bar by double-clicking your home button. 2. Swipe the bar from left to right to get to your mirroring feature. 3. Tap the icon that looks like a rectangle with a triangle inside. 4. Tap the "Apple TV" tab. Slide the "Mirroring" switch to "On." 5. Everything on your device should now appear on your television screen. 6. Open Asphalt 8 and it will automatically adjust to the handheld controller. Please follow these steps on every device.

Q-Can I sell a car?


Q-How do I delete game progress?

A-There is no way to delete your progress in Asphalt 8. You could, however, log in with a new Facebook or Game Center/Google+ account and then start a new profile.

Q-Why can't I find my GL LIVE friends?

A-The feature has been removed from the game. Please find your friends in another social network.

Q-Why is there no Multiplayer option available to me?

A-There is no Multiplayer option for iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4.

Q-Why don't I receive a cash reward after playing a race?

A-Local Wi-Fi races do not award credits. Only Career mode and Ranked Online Multiplayer races award credits.

Q-I cannot synchronize my game progress on different devices. Why?

A-You have to wait for a while to be able to synchronize your game progress with another device.

Q-What are boosts?

A-Boosts are bonuses that affect all the races a player starts for a limited time. Players can purchase boosts with credits / in-app purchases or gain boosts as rewards/gifts.

Q-What do boosts do?

A-"There are 3 kinds of boosts:
DOUBLE CREDITThe Double Credits boost doubles the amount of credits you earn at the end of all races for a limited time.
NITRO STARTER: The Nitro Starter boost fills the nitro bar at the start of all races for a limited time.
TUNING KIT: The Tuning Kit boost improves the performance of all the cars for a limited time. (The effect is the equivalent to that of buying one upgrade of each type)."

Q-How do I activate boosts?

A-Before the start of every race, you get to see the BOOSTS screen where you can buy boosts (they are automatically activated when you buy them) or activate them if you received them as gifts/rewards. Alternatively, you can access the BOOSTS screen from the main menu by accessing the store and tapping on the BOOSTS tab.

Q-How do I know if a boost is activated?

A-If a boost is activated, an icon representing the boost will appear in the main menu along with a timer indicating how long the boost will last. A timer will also appear on the BOOSTS screen next to the boosts that are activated.

Q-What happens if I activate a boost when a previous identical boost is already running?

A-The extra time gets added to the countdown. For example, if there are 30 minutes left on a boost and you buy/activate another of the same boost, the timer goes up to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Q-What are free upgrades?

A-Free upgrades are rewards the player can earn. Each free upgrade is linked to a class of cars (D, C, B, A or S). When a player owns a free upgrade, the next purchase of an upgrade for a car in that class is free. The player cannot choose when they spend the free upgrade. It is always the first purchase they make after receiving it.

Q-What are time-limited events (TLE)?

A-Time-limited events are sets of races that are available for a limited time. A TLE is composed of 1 or more races that are playable consecutively. They can be accessed in the main menu by tapping on their banner (e.g. "RENAULT CLIO R.S. CUP").

Q-What can I win in a TLE?

A-For each race during a TLE, the player can earn up to 3 cups. Each cup can be for the following: position in the race, time trial target, or position in a global leaderboard. At the end of the TLE, rewards are sent to the player depending on how many cups they earned.

Q-What rewards can I earn in a TLE?

A-"The rewards for each TLE are different. You can browse the rewards by tapping on the time-limited event in the main menu, then tapping on the rewards banner at the bottom left of the screen.
Rewards can be of different types:

Q-How do I receive the rewards from a TLE?

A-Once a TLE is finished, the rewards will appear as a "CLAIM YOUR REWARDS" banner in the main menu. Tap it to receive the rewards for all the TLEs in which you have taken part in the past.
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