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Banned: What should I do?

Wed Oct 15, 2014 11:59 am
Dear Racers,

When you are playing Asphalt 8, you are bounded by "Gameloft Terms of Use". If you have disrespected it, it is normal that you have been banned. To read the entire Terms of Use, please click here: Pay a particular attention to the part IV. ONLINE CONDUCT. Note that these "Terms of use" are also accessible via the game.

If you have been banned without performing any of the actions mentioned in the Term of Use, this doesn't necessarily means that there are no reasons explaining it. However you can contact our Customer Care Team to inquire*. 

The Customer Care Team will be able to check the reasons behind your ban. Make sure to tell them what were the last things you did in the game before getting banned.  Contact them via the in-game button, or via this link:

If the ban was not justified, the Customer Care will reverse it. You will be able to play again.

*Note that we reserve the right to withhold this information.