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fusions coins

Sat Feb 15, 2020 6:34 pm
I think that the changes you have made in order to get new cars puts a preium on ones abilities. But her is what concerns me. In the festivals we are able to get tokens which is fine and good but it goes part way of what changes I think that would enable you to make more money and keep the users happy. You can get all the credits and to a degree tokens. There are no opprotunities to get the fusion coins. I have 10 million in credits that does me absolutely no good unless a car is put out the that they can be used for up grades. You are also given us the ability to build our inventory for parts. There has to be a way to win more fusion coins. Do something where we are racing for the up grade cards make a few challanges where we can win the fusions coins. Put more races out ther instead of credits and parts put in ther fusion coins in its place. That way we will be able to upgrade cars and decrease the amount to credits we receive. Guys through us a life line here. Give us an opprotunity to win more fusion coins and less credits. There is more oprotunity and tokens to win credits. None to win fusions coins except to sell off our inventory and get very little credits for it
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Re: fusions coins

Tue Feb 25, 2020 2:34 am
Fusion coins la peor cosa que pudieron hacer, después de las cartas para conseguir autos, aunque era tolerable me saque como 2 por eso