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Just a small suggestion!

Wed Feb 12, 2020 5:12 pm
How about if all the great minds behind this potentially great game (well, it was once), make a concerted effort to stop all the cheaters? Multiplayer is nothing more than a bad joke. The speed hack is pandemic at all levels, resulting in ridiculously extended waiting times to start a race and clogging rooms and servers with races that won't start. Users of the speed hack don't need to use FUC's to pro their vehicles, so are unlikely to be a source of revenue, and then poach needed resources from legitimate players who are likely to spend or have already spent money. The levels of frustration to legitimate players (yes, the people who spend money!), is more than likely to turn them off the game completely. Users of the hack are easy to spot, try a few MP races and you will soon be able to pick them out!