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Why only fusion coins?

Thu Jan 16, 2020 12:37 pm
Greedings GL!

After introducing beatiful idea of Fusion Coins, it came to me that there is space for improvement. Some of more nice ideas:

1. Start Coins - every tyime you start the game, you need a certain amount of coins to make the game run.
2. Race Coins - every time you start any race you pay for example 100 Race Coins (price must be resonable, like real 10,- USD per race)
3. Color Coins - players still can change color of car for free - why?
4. Garage Coins - players should pay for cars they have in their garage. 

best regards


P.S. I consider myself to be a medium spender in online games. But I will NEVER pay a single cent for Fusion Coins. I understand, that there must be working economics to keep game alive, but pay 200USD to upgrade high end S Class car? I think it´s too much even for whales.