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Suggestion for R&D

Mon Dec 09, 2019 12:59 am
You know those quality checks (QC) we're supposed to accumulate to pass each test? Here's my suggestion.

In the early stages of the R&D event (labs 1 &2), a player is usually able to accumulate more QC than required to complete the task. The extra QC should go on credit to the player which can then be used at later stages.

Many times, later stages require 40 or even 50 QC. Sometimes players have to use up to 6 proto keys to achieve those quantities, and in many instances, after 5 or 6 proto keys, will come up short by 2 or 3 QC. If we're able to 'bank' the QC we've accumulated in the earlier stages, we'd then be able to use them in later stages as described above.