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selling pro kit cards

Sun Nov 17, 2019 9:54 pm
I feel that this will not be considered but I just wanted to put this out in the slim chance it gets added.

I remember a long time ago when we were able to sell pro kit cards for credits. Even though I don't consider myself a beginner to the game overall, I just picked it up again on windows and started from the beginning again after quitting a few years prior on ios. Because of this, trying to catch up is quite difficult, especially since a lot of the cars I remembered that cost credits now cost tokens which are much harder to come by.

Overall, the game is much harder now as a returning player. That's why one of the biggest things I miss about old A8 was the ability to sell cards. I completely understand why many players may find the fusion mechanic to be useful since they are seeking for different cards that are more or less hard to come by. However players like me, who are simply focused on buying cars, let alone fully upgrading them for millions, and then "pro-ing" them for even more credits/pro cards, would benefit from the old mechanic much more. I'm still quite early in the game compared to where I was before, but even so I find the large amount of pending boxes and my full inventory to show that pro kit cards no longer even matter to me like they used to.

Whenever I play events I only really look for credit and token rewards because, at least for new/returning players like myself, the last thing we would care about is collecting cards to pro the few cars we have bought. In the past, whenever I got pro kit boxes, I looked forward to them because I knew that I could sell the cards for credits. This is even more significant for me now since many cars are so expensive, and I have literally 0 use for the cards/boxes that I have now. All these cards and boxes will just be piling up and collecting dust until the day that I hae enough upgraded cars and credits to find applying pro upgrades to be of importance to me.

Again, I get why people may like the current system, however when it takes ages for me to rack up credits, I look at the boxes and cards I have which no longer have even the slightest value to me at the moment and I really wish that I could just sell them, free up space, and actually have an insentive to go after these boxes in multiplayer seasons/events.

Sorry for the rambling, just wanted to get this out there in the slightest hope that this mechanic can be changed. The cards don't even have to give that many credits. I just wish I had a way to free up space and benefit from pro cards rather than have them sit in my inventory for the rest of time with no use (for me at least).

TL;DR : I would really appreciate it if the old system of selling pro kit cards for credits were re-introduced.

EDIT: Decided after this post that I would for once put some cards into use and I max/pro-ed my camaro GS since it's quite cheap to upgrade relative to other cars of course. I really needed something for beginner farming so I said why not. Again my post is just a suggestion and I hope that at least my thoughts come accross, thanks.