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How to equalize MP racing.

Sat Aug 03, 2019 1:49 am
I read many comments complaining about how MP racing is so unequal. Matching pits cars against others with unequal ranks. Ranks don't reflect true performance, etc. It is possible to have MP racing and eliminate those disparities, a couple of ways actuallly:

Option 1: This relies on implementing my suggestion "How to make car rank reflect MP performance."  That described how the complexities of MP car performance can be properly represented in a car's rank through automated weekly rank adjustments based on actual MP race statistics. So, once rank correctly represents car capabilities, then one of the race options (instead of just classic, elimination or infected) could be "rank xxxx", with the system randomly selecting a proposed rank..When the rank option is chosen, the server looks in the garage of each player and randomly selects a car which is within perhaps 10 points of that rank, it might also select the course and laps, though not necessarily. Once the server selects the car (which could be different for each player) the race is set and any backing out results in loss of points. The result is an MP race with results matching skill as closely as is possible. This can only work if my previous suggestion for modifying car rank has been implemented.

Option 2:  With an option choice, have the server choose a random car at max pro. Players apply boosters as desired, or it is TB by default. The race is run. Same car, no difference. Results depend on skill and somewhat on the luck of pole position. Over a number of races, the more skillful players will win the most. Completely equal and fair.

It is likely that any other approach will fail to produce a system that can't be accused as being unfair.