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Changes have been and are being made to level the MP playing field and make all cars competitive and useable. I applaud all of these efforts and changes. But, the overall performance characteristics that make a top MP car are very difficult to impossible to capture in a human-derived car rank. A while back I posted this idea on the forum in discussions, but like most ideas there, it was not well received. However, I feel it has great merit, so I'm  putting it forth here. This is how to do it:

Extensive statistics are already accumulated about race performance. Each week, these statistics should be examined to determine which cars are performing better than 60% of all cars, and which are performing worse that 60% of all cars or are not used in MP in typical numbers. The rank of cars performing in the upper category should be increased by 10 points each. The rank of cars performing in the lower category should have their ranks decreased by 10 points each. Over the course of one or two seasons, all cars will migrate to the rank that correctly reflects the performance capabilities of that car in MP. All cars (and motorcycles) in a garage will become competitive, and race results will be based as much on skill as is possible. Problem solved. The process should be automated by the development of a program to analyse the results and apply rank adjustments. That should not be a difficult task.

There is still an issue in MP resulting from the level of risk that needs to be addressed, since taking a higher level of risk results in skewed and more favorable matching, which doesn't make any sense, but that's another issue.