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[OFFICIAL] Answers to your Suggestions

Wed May 03, 2017 11:55 am
The original '[OFFICIAL] Suggestions Thread' is getting bigger and bigger. From now on, we will only post the official answers to your suggestions in this new thread titled '[OFFICIAL] Answers to Suggestions'.

Please keep on posting your suggestions in [OFFICIAL] Suggestions Thread and come check at our answers here! :)
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Answers to your Suggestions

Wed May 03, 2017 11:57 am

Suggestions that may be included in future Asphalt updates:

Take away 10 points from players that disconnect from a race.
We are willing to modify this as we understand that a disconnection is often involuntary. Here is how we could modify it in one of our upcoming updates:

- First disconnect: 2 point penalty
- Second disconnect: 7 point penalty
- Every additional disconnect: 10 point penalty
*A player's disconnection count will reset every 24 hours.

Create a "quick restart button" that appears at the end of a race in Career mode. It should be accessible directly from the results screen.
Its a very good suggestion; we will definitely add it in the future.

Automatically wreck the car of players who drive the wrong way around tracks with the sole intent of crashing into as many people as they can (driving the wrong way for 10 seconds = instant car wreck).
Smashing idea! We’ll definitely consider it.

Make all names visible within the race, lobby and result screen (foreign names are replaced with boxes, but they are shown correctly on leaderboards).
We like it!

Remove the wreck animation in season and event races, or make it an option to turn them off. The animation is only causing more crashes.
Players will be able to enable or disable the knockdown camera in the next update of Asphalt 8.

Display a message that explains that a friend has beaten a players' ghost or when a friend has improved his time on the track where the ghost was registered.
We should definitely add this in a future update.

Increase the drop rate of mid-tech cards within Pro Kit Boxes.
We are constantly improving the Pro Kits system; in the meantime we will respond to sudden demand of specific cards by offering them as event rewards.

Increase the number (or the value) of the prizes of events.
It is definitely a priority for us to get the events to be more appealing. We are thinking about improving the events in various ways. You should see them evolve over the course of our updates.

Modify the multiplayer rank system. Players that have a higher rank than the other participants in a race are losing too many points or earning too little points. 
We realize that it is harder for high ranked players to progress on the leaderboard. We are looking for a way to improve their feeling of accomplishment without harming our progression system.

Bring back 2 laps events
Most of the players tend to choose short events, but we understand how hard it is to get back on track when losing ground in 1 lap races. We have a way to potentially bring back 2/3 laps TLE every now and then. You will discover it soon.

Enable every track in quick solo race mode
ultimately; every environment will all make it to the Quick Solo race mode. But there will always be exclusive tracks for event and multiplayer modes.

Enable colored usernames
You can already do this by editing your GameCenter name. You can also do it on Android devices.

Create new country specific cups.
Country specifics cups are launched in many countries. Usually, when you will have a national festival, you should see a CUP in Asphalt. If you know a good theme to create a country cup, please create a thread in the forum to share it. It could be the "Country CUP Suggestions Thread".

Change the rank of DeZir and Biome or reduce their power
We are aware that seeing only the DeZir and the Biome when playing multiplayer is a bit frustrating for some users. These are two very powerful cars, but we can’t touch cars that have been bought by so many players. The situation will evolve, but the solution won't be to modify these cars. So get your DeZir and Biome while they are still outperforming!

*August 21, 2015*

Adjust the handling/Drifting Power of the P1 GTR -
We agreed that the P1 GTR needs to get a bit more drifting power. We will address this in the next update. 

Ban abusive usernames
We have prepared an action plan against these. The abusive usernames should start decreasing now. We will improve our system as the days go by.

Improve the respawn system
It is a never ending process. The game uses a general rule to get a player to respawn on a given location. However, if the community reports a specific issue with the respawn point, we will address it.  

Add new race types / new event types
We working to expand list of new events/modes with literally each update. Some new activities will be in upcoming September update, and updates after that. Stay tuned.

*October 26, 2015*

Create V8 events
Events rewarding with V8 boxes are planned. But we still need several weeks before the release of the first V8 event. However, we will do something for you guys to get more V8 pretty soon. 

Disable traffic in events
Nearly half of our events do not have traffic, I heard that in the coming days, the Asphalt Team should create less events that include traffic, so I guess the road is all yours!

Launch more TOP class cups
We are trying to bring more variety to our events. We are constantly cycling between each class and each car rank among these classes. The car in the top of the class will have their time to shine in events too.

*January 21, 2016*

Add a season 10 
We have added the TAG racing season recently, and  new events will probably be added in this season.

McLaren 570S Tag Racing event not appearing
The next update of the game will fix this issue. Owners of the 570S will have access to that event.

Lighting on AREA 51
Some outdoor parts of the tracks on this location definitely need some more lights. We will work on them to improve the visibility.
Cheaters & hackers
The entire Asphalt Team works against hackers and cheaters of all sorts every day. Leader-boards are constantly cleaned and suspicious times and cheaters are getting banned from the game.  There is close to 0% cheaters or hackers on iOS & Android. Our anti-hacking team works to improve its barriers on a daily basis, and new methods are regularly added to the game on Windows. Despite the complaints and reports that you can find on the forum, the number of cheaters has not increased in the game.

*May, 24, 2016*

Include newly released cars in the selectable cars in of events more often, after the car has been released.
We will modify the events of Monday and Tuesday so they include cars released 4 weeks ago. I will share more details whenever I can.

Create more country specific cups
We are willing to do this, it’s true that we are doing it often for a few countries, but other countries should get some too. Let us know in this thread which festival/holiday could be a great theme for a special event exclusive to your country:

Create a “pro version” of the rookie cup, and add a new one every day
We are discussing of several concepts in order to make this come true. I hope to share more details with you soon. Of course, this won’t be exactly the same thing, but our aim would be to bring more variety to long term players through these cups.

Have a new type of CUPS in which boosts (nitro starter, extra tank, etc…) are banned
We are discussing about the possibility of including this to the game in the future. I hope to be able to share more details soon.

Suggestions that require further investigation or that are not considered priorities: 

Display more information about participant’s cars, levels, etc., on the leaderboard
It is definitely something that we would like to do in the future since it would boost player motivation and raise the level of the competition. It might appear in Asphalt sequels.

Create two separate lists for Ghosts: One with times of boosted cars, one for with un-boosted cars.
This is definitely something that we would like to do in the future.

Create a faster car selection system.
We are thinking about different ways to display the cars in the garage.

Rework the sensitivity for mobile devices. Sometimes the brakes just don’t work.
We would need to know on what devices this happens in order to identify the issue. Let’s create a thread in the forum to gather testimonies.

Review and fix the re-spawn points after crashes.
We have done it before thanks to the help of the community. Let’s create a thread in the forum to identify these points.

Add replays for multiplayer races.
We are not planning to add this feature, but stay tuned for more amazing content coming to multiplayer in 2015.

Add an option to remove max upgrades of cars again.
This could be interesting; the game would have even more depth, however this is not in our current plans.

Include all the paths of a track in a race. Some nice parts of each track are currently just wasted.
Every path is available in one particular type of race or another, so I would not say that anything is wasted. We have chosen the path of each event carefully so that everyone has an equal chance to win.

Add ghosts to all drift and classic events in season play. Some of those events do not allow ghosts.
We are aware that it is missing from some events, but this won’t become available in more events anytime soon.

Choose your own soundtrack
You can play while listening the music that is on your device. If you wish to listen the Asphalt music, enter the pause menu, and choose the three soundtrack styles. Any other way to choose the music is not considered as priority, but we will think about this for Asphalt sequels.

Add neon car effects
that’s a good idea, we have many ideas to improve the car customization system, these will eventually be improved in Asphalt sequels.

Develop better graphics for Asphalt 8: Airborne
Doing better graphics is awesome but we must think about our users' devices. Our main priority is to get our game to run on as much devices as possible (instead of a few expensive devices). We improved the graphics of the game thanks to the addition of the Metal technology on certain iOS devices.

Create new gaming modes
This is something that we are considering don't hesitate to share your ideas.

Get every car to be up-gradable to level 5
We wanted the cheaper cars to be less upgradable. However this might change in the future.

Add player "identicons"
This will certainly be considered in one of our updates or in the sequels of Asphalt 8.

*August 21, 2015*

Add the possibility of running against your own ghost.
We will consider using this idea in possible future updates.
Highlight the opponent that knocked out the players’ car during a race
It sounds interesting and we will consider it.
Add a way to request friends from within the game
If players could tap on the username of another player in the leader-board to read their in-game progress and add them as friend, this would definitely help the community to grow. It is something that we are considering for the future of Asphalt.
Nerf the Biome and DeZir
Although we have clearly noticed that a lot of players are using both of these cars, we are not planning to reduce their power just yet. This would be rude towards the one who invested in these cars. The new car that we will add should be able to catch up with these.

Add a favorite-car option & a my-garage option
This would prevent players from scrolling through the entire store to find the car that they’d like to use. It is definitely something that we are considering.
Adjust the sensitivity on mobile device
Let’s create an official thread to report and describe this sensitivity issue. It is true that according to us, this issue can only be the consequence of issues with the players’ device. However, as many seems to have issue with it, let’s dig in.

*January 21, 2016*

Increase the size of CUP rewards (the size of TOPs) on Android
Several months ago, the size of TOPS on Android has been reduced. This has been made to adapt to the number of players on this platform compare to others. Although it is still subject to change, it should remain like this in the coming months.

*May, 24, 2016*

Create country vs country cups
We are considering it, but that-s not a priority.

Add a favorite car list, or an easy way to select them
It’s true that with new cars coming every update, it is getting hard to find your favorite car. We’ll keep this in mind.

Suggestions that will probably never be included in Asphalt:

Switch wrecked cars immediately to blink mode so that they cannot kill other cars by accident.
This is a part of the design and gameplay of Asphalt 8, so its something youll need to adapt to. We designed it this way to prevent knockdown abuse.

Rework the wreck mechanic as it sometimes doesnt feel like it follows any predictable rules. It seems to be a matter of luck.
There is a system that dictates the wrecks. If a car decelerates while being hit by another car thats accelerating, the decelerating one will be knocked out. The angle of the impact is a factor as well.

Reduce the price of Specialist and Champion kit boxes, or make them available for Credits once in a while.
These two boxes are exclusively available for the players that managed to outperform the competition in events, and those that have supported the Asphalt team. And we would like to keep it this way. Of course, promotions are often launched in Asphalt, so keep an eye on the Shop every day.

Remove the invisible walls that stop your jumps on some tracks.
Invisible walls are a necessity in just about any game; they basically hold the locations together. These walls werent an issue until a small group of the most talented players mastered the newest cars and found ways to jump further than we ever anticipated. We are not going to change these walls unless this issue spreads to the majority of our players. However, we will keep in mind the advanced level of our players while designing future levels.

Make car ranks and prices that reflect the real-life power of each car.
We believe the ranks do reflect the power of the real cars, but in any case, remember that Asphalt is designed to be a wild arcade-style racer, not a realistic simulation.

Allow us to select the number of laps we want to race before queuing to play a multiplayer match.
Our priority is to get the players to queue with players that match their skill/car level. If we had to create new filters such as the number of laps, every player would have to wait for several minutes before being able to play.

Nitro boost pylons shouldn't disappear if someone gets them.
This is a part of the arcade style of gameplay of Asphalt. It adds a little bit more challenge and a great deal of suspense.

Get rid of the ability to knock down a car from the side just by overtaking it with nitro.
Sorry, we are not planning to change this.

Stop the Bonus Timer while the player is still in the menu.
This will remains as it is to avoid any abuse from dishonest users. However, this might change in a future installment of Asphalt.

Increase the number of Fuel Bars for events.
The Fuel Bar will remain as it is for now.

Offer Tokens as Career event rewards.
Tokens will remain the exclusive currency of the game; they are here to reward the best players. However, were looking into expanding the number of ways for these top racers to acquire Tokens.

Create a card trading system (e.g., trading 8 early tech for 4 initial tech).
The trading system would detract from the overall progression of the game. Pro Kits are an exclusive late game mechanic that cannot take over for the upgrade mechanic. Also, a trading system would get players to race less and spend more time trading instead.

Release the new update on all platforms on the same day
That is simply impossible. We do not want to keep some of you waiting because the update is not ready on one platform.

Disable boosts during events
If a player has earned/bought them, he should be able to use them during events. We want the player to use everything they have to shine in the events.

Bring back the car renting system
It is something that we have dropped many months ago. We want the players to fight tooth and nail to get their cars; its a good motivation system. Are you aware that some events let you drive with a car that you do not own without paying for it?

Create a messaging system or chat for the game
Right now, we dont think that this is extremely necessary,because of Asphalt game genre. Chats are more appropriate for other genres.

Create a gifting system
A gifting system if it should be created would probably not enable you to send the items that you have won in the game. Today, you can already gift your friends with store redeem codes.

Improve the user interface or make is customizable (+ add car comparison system, new map selection system, reward tracking)
Modifying the user interface is not a priority now. We are satisfied with its current design, even though we have ideas to improve it. A car comparison system is a very good suggestion that might come to live in sequels of Asphalt.

Be able to sell cars and upgrades
Such a market will not appear soon, we would have to modify the entire game if we were to add this.

Enabling players to decide to use a free upgrade or to buy an upgrade
After much discussion, we feel that the way or free upgrades work is the only viable way.

Add motorcycles to Asphalt 8
We will only add cars to Asphalt 8: Airborne. EDIT: We might actualy consider this ^^

*August 21, 2015*

Separate Windows Phone from Windows 8
These version are the same, we do not plan to separate them as it would drastically reduce the number of players on each platform

*May, 24, 2016*

Players using bonuses in MP should get a lower amount of MP points, or people beating them without boost should get more points. 
Even though we understand your point of view, we consider that bonuses are a part of the game and as they can be earned through various means, they should not be a disadvantage in any way.
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Answers to your Suggestions

Wed May 03, 2017 12:01 pm

Daily Tasks: Add a possibility to get V8 boxes or mid-tech boxes from Daily tasks, or maybe a double credits booster 

It might happen in the future, we must make sure that it would mix well with our plans and with the recent new features that have been added to the game. Besides, a new way to obtain boxes will be introduced soon.
Add Pro Kit Box as rewards in some events of the solo career mode
No, this won’t be changed.  Upgrades are made for you to push the boundaries of your cars and perform better in Time Limited Events and Multiplayer Races. That’s why you can only win them in these activities.
Add a PRO Collection of cars that gives incentives to gamers, similar to the Classic and Maxed Collections that already exist.
It can be done, this is very interesting actually. We believe that the most engaged of our players would find a new challenging and rewarding mode in them.
Add 'Inventory Space' as a prize in TLE
Nope, this won’t be added.
Add Area 51 in Quick Solo Race 
If we add more environments to the game, they might make it to these modes.  Note that we want new tracks to be only available in Time Limited Events and Multiplayer races to keep those modes interesting.
Extend "invulnerable" status when recovering from a knockdown until car up to speed - players are tired of being knocked down a second time because of slow speed.
If we were to change this, many would dislike it. Invulnerable players could race across other players and take the lead.
Confirm button for purchases and activation of boosters (esp. ET, token cars)
Nope, this won’t be changed.
Create a "choice" for the players to choose between using a free upgrade and buying one for credits
Nope, as explained before, these free upgrades are gifts that are purposing designed for you to use them right away.
Add more season/mastery/tag races
We do not plan to add more seasons right now. However, we add more seasons and masteries regularly. We will add Tag Races soon.
Sort Season 9 based on classes, it's very long list of races now and getting longer and longer
We are aware of this issue. We will consider it for next updates. 
Store in events, please use the  'last car' instead of 'highest ranked car' as suggested car
Player s’ navigation in the garage is something that we need to improve. Hopefully we will find some time to do it sooner or later.
2 ghost lists: boosted / unboosted
No this won’t be changed.
Suggestions about multiplayer:
Tighten up the rank range in general (to max diff of 50), and rework 1600-1800 to have multiple brackets (1600-1650, 1650-1700, so that you never get a 1600 car matched against a 1750 car)
We are tweaking this with new multiplayer rating and leagues.
Increase race earnings (credits)
Since the release of the new update, you have new ways of earning credits (saving points in multiplayer).  We won’t change the amount of credits you obtain from regular races.
No adverts in MP (because it happens that the pop up appears at the start of a race. Ads are tolerated in the menu, but not before the race) 
We are trying to fix every issue that would cause ads to appear while you race.
Show the driver info in lobby, especially the driver name, car, boosts
Nope, we strongly believe that it would not do well and even deteriorate the multiplayer experience.
More TLEs with a focus on one car only, to encourage Mp tuned cars to be upgraded
This is what we try to do quite often. If you think that one specific car didn’t get a TLE since a long time, please let us know in the forum and we might make an event with it.
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Answers to your Suggestions

Wed May 03, 2017 12:03 pm
Add a slipstreaming* feature to the game
It’s a very interesting feature, it’s not a priority right now but we might come back to it in the future.
*Slipstreaming: Follow closely behind another vehicle and travelling in its slipstream to gain speed, awaiting an opportunity to overtake.
To fight cheaters and un-sportsmanship, create a “report button” to indicate that a player raced in suspicious ways.  This button would appear at the end of races, next to players’ names in the leader board. Reported players info and race info would be sent to the Anti-hack team + the player who got reported would get a temporary ban (or any punishment) if more than 3 players reported him within the last 24 hours. The player who made the report would get notified in-game if the one he reported got punished.
It seems this is not doable at this moment.
Navigation in the garage will be improved, but navigation in season 9 also desperately needs improvement.
Navigation in the garage will be improved in the next update, we are thinking of ways to improve the navigation in Season 9 too.
Improve the blue prints system
Blue prints are relatively new to Asphalt 8 and the players. We know it might seem difficult to obtain enough blueprints, but there are and will be many opportunities to get them. We are monitoring the game data and the community; this system might evolve in the future.
Can the rewards of the assembly cups be modified, or at least, take into account players who already own the car?
This won’t be changed right now as blueprints can be sold for other currency.
The Leader Board are not accessible anymore after the end of events. Can it be made available again?
Unfortunately, this simple leader board was demanding too much resources to our servers. Our team have tried to come up with other solutions for weeks, but this one proved to be the best.
Add Inventory Space as a reward in TLEs (just like it is already done in Mastery Rewards)
Inventory space won’t be awarded in TLEs for now; however it can be win in other parts of the game, such as in Car Masteries.  
Fix the Random wreck that happens to various cars on various spots and on many tracks
The random wrecks that a minority of players’ experience is related to the suspension physics of the game that was developed a long time ago. If we were to modify it, this would lead to the appearance of many other issues. We would only take that risk if it was affecting a huge amount of players; we hope you can understand.
Fix the Elite Cars losing conditions by themselves, without being used. This issue is 10 months old.
This issue is truly a struggle because up to now, despite players reporting its existence, we have never been able to reproduce it nor to fix it. We have recently developed a new tracking tool that should help us make progress and eventually fix this issue.
Add a replay button to career races to smooth the experience, just like it has been implemented in championship time attack races.
We will add this button in the future.
In MP, separate free racers and racers driving with a ticket. This would reduce the amount of clan members playing in an uncompetitive way to protect their members.
Having separate lobbies would get our players to wait much longer in the lobbies before the race starts. We do not think this is acceptable. If players add to wait longer, this would lead to more players leaving the lobbies.
For TLEs that require multiple achievements to complete (e.g. ladder events, finish 1st in all events), have a progress indicator to measure completion
We will consider it but can’t commit on an date now.
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Answers to your Suggestions

Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:08 am
Fix the Elite Cars losing conditions by themselves, without being used. This issue is 10 months old. 
The issue has been fixed! Thanks for your help & your feedback.

Improve the performance of the Porsche 918
We have reviewed your feedbacks and concluded that the performance of this car should be slightly improved. The changes will be effective in the next update of Asphalt 8.
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Make the TLEs remember the last car used for the race and keep it ready as the main selection for the rest of the event.
We are discussing whether this is possible to achieve or not. Indeed, as simple as it may sound, it actually implies an increase of cloud memory that would harm the experience of players.
With the arrival of Bikes, new card type having added to the game, can we increase the size of the inventory for everyone, or delete the limits?
Despite some of you who do have issues with inventory space, we know that the vast majority of our players still do have space. This will not be addressed anytime soon, but we do keep an eye on it.
Add a possibility to customize the size of the controls on the screen.
This isn’t an issue for most of the users. We will keep on monitoring. Note that players can already customize the position of the buttons.
Add new filters in garage:
- one for the cars that haven't been max/pro yet,  
- one more for cars that are not owned by the player
- another one for Elite Cars
Given that there is already a lot of filters - note that we have just added a filter for the bikes - adding more would just be too much, besides, we can’t have filters for everything.
Add the Metal Season to Android and Windows
 Unfortunately, the METAL season remains exclusive to Apple devices.
Season 9 is huge, it is very hard to find what you want in it. Please design it in a similar fashion as the Masteries’.
This will be addressed in the next update of Asphalt 8
Modify the Top rewards of events, these rewards are only interesting for beginners, but a top reward will never be won by a beginner.
We try to make the events interesting for most of our players, we really do. Sometime, we do very special events on various occasion, and the rewards are even better in these. However, the Top rewards of regular events will remain along the lines of what they already are for now.
Add more ways to get blueprints such as, apex Wednesday blueprints cup
We will consider your request, but we do not have immediate plans at this time.

Add the bikes to Season 9
Since bikes have their devoted career mode, we won’t add them to Season 9.
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Add more MP levels (above 85)
We have recently increased the maximum to level 99.

Stop giving the same cars in Daily Bonuses two months in a row
This has been already changed - thanks for bringing this issue to our attention!

Fix the issue with names that include unsupported character and are displayed with errors
Please provide us with screenshots whenever you encounter this issue - this will help us to fix it! Post the screenshots in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=1908&t=617007

Add a new S Class King car
We are working on adding impressive vehicles with every update, just like in the latest one; the Apollo IE is here!

Bring Hot Wheels cars to feature mastery and career races
We cannot bring mastery for these vehicles for reasons beyond our control.

Add an option to reset a car tune
We are not planning to make any change in this matter- upgrades will remain definitive.

Friends leaderboard should show friends absolute position, not their position in comparison just to the other friends
At the moment we do not have plans to re-work leaderboards system.

Add some races with old/forgotten cars and new routes to single player mode
Great idea! We are planning changes in the TLE that will result in old cars being shown more frequently.

Bring back an option to sell pro cards
We won't be changing it as players can currently exchange the pro cards for Fusion Points.

Add new Marathon TLEs, many laps, with high per-race reward on a par with decent Season 9 farming rates.
Thanks for this suggestion, we will definitely consider it!

Extend usability of the Elite Cars & make them usable with no internet connection
At the moment we have no plans to make Elite Cars functional without internet connection.

Add specific engine boxes available for purchase
Check out the “exclusive deals” in the game now and then and you should be able to get what you need!

Add more Division Cups
Sure:) In the future you can expect increased amount of Division Cups - so stick around as there is more to come!

Modifications in the Monday Heat Events - change car choice selection
The team is looking into ways to optimize the TLEs. Stay tuned!

Make new/shorter tracks from the unused bits of current maps - eg Iceland, Tokyo, Monaco - by using barriers to block normal routes
Nice idea - this is something we are definitely considering for the future updates!

Introduce decals sales that would coincide with the MP off-season
There are no plans for that at the moment.

Add recording for Windows Phone
There is a lot of free to DL screen recording programs available to download for Windows, we believe there is no need to add recording functionality for this platform.

Fix the issue with the speed modifiers
Since this is a display issue that does not affect the actual speed of the cars, this matter won't be fixed in the near future. Because this is linked to the core mechanics of the game a disproportionate amount of time and resources would be spent on fixing it and the team would much rather focus on issues that directly affect gameplay. 

Decrease the Top Speed or increase the Rating on the Mercedes SLK AMG SE
Special Edition cars are supposed to be the road beasts! No plans for the re-balancing.
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Please add a purchase confirmation button before purchase higher than 200 Tokens

A confirmation button will be added in the next update.

Please, make the old Special events (R&D, EDD, etc) available

This is already happening: thanks to the “Asphalt Moments” we are bringing back classic events of Asphalt 8.

Add a max/pro season 10 (similar to the season 9)

Currently we are focusing on give the players more chances to play in various cups and special events than brining a new season. 

Add a pro collection just like the max collection

We won’t be bringing such a collection.

Can you remove the on-screen warning message (this is not a sub-marin, etc…), because it is disturbing the players

Thanks for the suggestion - it has been added to the scope of the next update.

Can you had Patagonia, Area 51, Rio, or even Munich to quick race? If not all of the tracks from these locations, add just a few of them please.

Current scope of the tracks available via Quick Race mode is narrowed to the most classical A8 routes. The mentioned tracks are exclusive to other game-modes like MP, Special Events etc.

Can you had fuel tanks as prizes in TLE please?

No such plans for now.

Can you bring back the championship boxes and SABCD class max upgrades in the mastery rewards? Or at least improve the rewards a bit? (The recent modifications made the rewards very poor)

Currently we are not planning to make such a change.

Can you please change the countdown from R&D and Championship event to the Fall Out Boy system?

At the moment we do not have such plans. The timers and locations unlock would remain as they are to keep the uniqueness of each type of Special Event.

Please bring back the quick replay button after race, it is disabled since 2 updates now.

Once all the encountered issues with the Quick Replay are fixed it will become available again.
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Now that Windows 8.1 players have received the latest update, are you planning to bring them events from previous updates?
Almost every special event goes into our “reactivation roster” after its initial appearance in the game. So Win 8.1 players will get to play most events they missed when they eventually re-appear in the future. There are few exceptions though, like the exclusive Hot Wheels event, which won’t be reactivated for licensing reasons.
Did you change the stats of any cars other than the ones you announced? Did some cars get a nerf to performance (like the Apollo IE)?
No, we’ve only adjusted those cars that were mentioned in the “What’s New” section. The Apollo IE is on the list but we made no nerfs; only improvements for its handling and stability on the track.
Are you planning to add more cars from the car suggestion poll winners?
We are not currently considering any more options from the poll. That’s because many of the remaining cars don’t have a solid place to stand out from the rest of our lineup in their class.
We already have three cars in mind that we’d like to add to the game in the future. But because the licensing process is very long and complex, we cannot yet share details regarding which cars they may be, or when to expect them.

Could you introduce a new way to get specific Tech/Engine Cards?

We chose to make some in-game items exclusively available from in-game events and the gatcha mechanics. It’s what makes these items exciting to earn, and makes maxing out your car’s stats more rewarding and prestigious.
Right now, we have no plans to introduce new methods of acquiring these items, so please stay tuned for new events and offers to raise your chances of getting the Cards you need.
Are you planning to improve the game’s inventory management?
Yes! Inventory improvement is on our 2019 updates roadmap.
Could you bring one season to multiplayer without knockdowns?
That’s an interesting suggestion! At the moment we have no such plans, but we’ll keep it in mind for the future.
What will be done with mulitplayer matchmaking in the new update?
We will be using the default matchmaking algorithm for now. There might be new test-seasons coming, but we will inform the community about such changes in advance.
Are Sprint Cups coming back?
We really like the limited-time sprints as well! But we’ve encountered some technical difficulties while running them in the past.
It’s too early to say when this will happen, but once we resolve these issues the Sprints will be back.
What are your plans for A8 next year?
We will share plans for the upcoming year in the next “Update Reveal Livestream!”

Is the use of macros or gamepad auto-fire considered cheating? 
That depends on how they are used. If the macro or auto-fire function simply emulates basic user inputs at a speed within normal human ability, it’s okay. But if the script grants you the ability to input complicated commands faster than any human is capable, then yes, it is considered cheating.