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Re: Dear Gameloft

Sun Apr 11, 2021 10:21 pm
GFMD wrote:
Hi all

can someone please tell me where I can find all these rules and regulations and details of A8 and will there be an announcement RE the closure of GL forums and where is the forums replacement going to be and does GL have any intention of completely closing A8 down and if so will there be any compensation? I would never have started investing in this game if I had known... also, can someone reach elite if playing on an iPad using tilt to steer, given many people play on a keyboard which I think is a real advantage over the iPad... and where is the CB and does GL notify you if you're placed on it? Also, if you go down a few hundred points in MP, it's harder to up in points, right? How hard? Does there come a time when you are simply stuck in the 1600s, gaining one point if you win and losing 20 if someone with a lower rank beats you? Is it bad enough that one should wipe ones account / delete it and start afresh again? Or does it reset each racing season? And can one ever hope to reach elite level given all the teams cheating and hackers reapawning? Is it worth even trying? How GL manages to keep offering up this game as a game of skill and charge millions of credits to buy certain cars and millions of credits to upgrade them is beyond me. The game appears very professional and six months in I learned it's a PTP and worse a PTW game.... I feel cheated.... I've invested so much time and money and effort and its gut wrenching to have your efforts ruined by hackers and cheats.... 

Can one reach the leaderboard heights using an iPad and tilt to steer? If not, how high might one expect to advance? And at what point should I Wipe my account and start again to 
have a chance at MP? Or is the leaderboard a way to Rotate players up the list then down the list so everyone gets a high ranking at least once? 

I started playing this game knowing nothing because GL offers little guidance in this regard... is there somewhere I can go to learn the things I've had to learn from hearing others discuss them in the forums...? Is it ok to use boosters or not? And double credits in MP? 

thanks guys. 


i use an IPad and you can get to Elite if you play enough, have a max pro'd class king(search YouTube videos), know the tracks, triple boost (buy 3-day pass for 99cents)  and know your vehicle. I set my steering sensitivity to 90% for the AudiR8SE. Know when to quit a race to limit rating point losses to no more than 10pts. You can hold the IPad flat for finer maneuvers and hold it upright to make strong turns. Try not to make too much contact with others if you can help it, but stay on course. The physics of the game are fairly true so if you have the best line and stay the course no matter how wild another player might be, the server will show favor on you and get you out of a lot of tight situations. Know how to pick your races and try to get races with less people than more. Triple tap at the start to get a quick lead, especially when you are pole position. Two kinds of cheater in MP: acceleration and speed. Acceleration is more obvious than the speed hack. But you'll know the speed hack when an identical vehicle gains on you especially on straight away. Good luck.