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Perhaps we just need Asphalt 10, where they rebuild the basic framework and spiff up everything else, but it better not look like A9. With sound softward engineering, I don't see why the physics engine can't be updated separately and just swapped in. But if the engineering is poor and the code is a mess, then it would be very difficult and they might need to start from scratch, something that many companies are loathe to do. As is, everyone plays with the same constraints, so perhaps it evens out in the final results.
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Not sure Asphalt X will help. I know my experience with Asphalt 8 has convinced me to never download another GL game, ever. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Asphalt 8 has destroyed any trust I had to expect a quality game from GL or that purchases made in said game would be preserved.

I’m still here; because, I can still workaround the deep flaws in this game and I can still find some measure of fun playing and being part of the community here.

But I have no such investment in any other GL product, and I’m never going to make that investment because of my experience with A8.

This skidding issue is exhibit A of a long list of defects with this product and I’ve no confidence that other GL games are any different.

No anger, just disappointment. 😔
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