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Re: Asphalt 8 : Tournament Summer 2019

Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:21 pm
taki wrote:
only 5 countries from eu? so, if you are from other country, u did not see this "big" tournament? thats the most stupidest idea ive ever seen. and c'mon "And for the World Champion on 1st place: Previous rewards + 5.000.000 Credits." .. 5 mln credits? wow!! i can farm 10 mln credits in some hours lol. You should give real money, not virtual stuff. All normal tournaments can give real money, real prizes, not useless virtual stuff. I am really disappointed. GameLoft you are so lame!

**** or X2 or something like that would be better car than that useless boat. I dont get it how did you pick so useless prizes. You should create poll or something

You might want to snip the original comment sometimes...

Anyhow, as an Australian, I am surprised that my country was selected as one of the top 20 countries for this tournament. I've been observing some of the other countries which have been allowed to participate. Countries like Germany and the United States. It seems that most of these other countries are much more competitive than Australia. I am sure that the final Top 100 event will only have one or two Australians participating. This is because there is only one consistent "professional" player in Australia, named Jaimien Manning, and perhaps a few more who are inactive most of the time. Currently, my time in the warmup cup is 1:01:610 and I'm coming fourth.
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Re: Asphalt 8 : Tournament Summer 2019

Thu Jul 04, 2019 1:45 pm
My best time is 1:01:611 and I'm on 3rd position in Ukraine (at least for now)
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Re: Asphalt 8 : Tournament Summer 2019

Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:35 pm
quailstorm wrote:
BT9 wrote:
Use your brain! They have the videos of every race so they can review them MANUALLY for acceleration, nitro duration changes, crash hacks and also compare them side to side no doubt if they want.


No they don't have. Actually GL has no clue. if their scripts don't catch the cheater basically they only have a little better chance than a player because they can look at the account data, and a little less because they are noobz in their own game.

I don't even think they have the replay/ghost because in the past they made noobish decisions solely based on times and boosters.

"Each stage will count with its own recap video"

-from OP

This means they most certainly have ability to see any race if they so choose, or do you think they are going to ask players to send it?  Yea..I don't think so.  
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Re: Asphalt 8 : Tournament Summer 2019

Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:14 pm
I will be very surprised if there will be any user gameplay in recaps.
I think the recap content is described in the following sentences and it won't show the best lap.
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Re: Asphalt 8 : Tournament Summer 2019

Thu Jul 04, 2019 8:21 pm
It states that the current warm up cup is 'open to everyone' - but it's not, it's regional. Also, does it imply that the next round will be an exact repeat of the current one - same car and track? Kinda dumb...

Edit: Sorry if this has been said before, I haven't read the whole thread ::)
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Re: Asphalt 8 : Tournament Summer 2019

Fri Jul 05, 2019 9:40 pm
Just want to be clear

Do I have to enter the warm up event to qualify for the first qualifying ?

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Re: Asphalt 8 : Tournament Summer 2019

Sun Jul 07, 2019 3:48 am
Sorry for barging in. I am an old user here since 2015 and I couldn't access my account so I have come in with a new account. Maybe I am being rude. But the prizes for an event on such global scale are pathetic. I do not see the point of conducting such an event just to get hold of cheaters either. I have a few points if I can get an answer to, it would be great.

1. Your idea of mapping IP Address with User location is wrong since Proxy or even normal sizes. I live in another country and am currently in vacation in another. So that would affect me anyway. https://iplocation.com/ is a simple way of looking at location based on your IP

2. You should have the ghosts for all player races for the best time. I see event logs being stored on my phone which changes after every race. There is something being logged even when I haven't put in my best time.

3. Also How come Asphalt9 can have BlackShark cup, France can have Orange Cup and India can have events like OnePlusAsphaltCup and RealmeAsphaltCup where winners get real prizes and a global event like this can't? 1000 tokens for 2nd place in the world? We get 1000 tokens in a month long MP Season??

Please dont take it as a rant. I am just trying to get the gist here.
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Re: Asphalt 8 : Tournament Summer 2019

Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:14 am
A bandeira que aparece nos meus resultados, não é a correta, da região que eu moro. O que faço agora?
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Re: Asphalt 8 : Tournament Summer 2019

Tue Jul 09, 2019 4:58 am
Toom12 wrote:
A bandeira que aparece nos meus resultados, não é a correta, da região que eu moro. O que faço agora?

You need to go to settings, (cog wheel top right of main screen) select "Language and Country/Region." If you are unable to change it, you will need to contact Customer Care (aka: CC). I hope this helps, had to translate with 'google translate.'
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Re: Asphalt 8 : Tournament Summer 2019

Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:42 am
Pepper from Gameloft wrote:

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that the Asphalt 8 Tournament - Summer 2019 edition has already started!

We will feature a set of in-game time limited events to find out which are the best 3 Asphalt 8 racers in the world (one per platform).

The Tournament starts this week (July 1st) and will last until the end of August. (Check the following calendar for more information on the Stages of the competition).


Every stage will be preceded with a Training Session (Warm Up Cup ) so that you can test the track and vehicle before the real race starts.

To ensure the best skills are rewarded the different stages will have the same MAX/PRO vehicle with boosters activated. There will be no opponents on the track and neither will there be traffic. Make the best lap time and you will move on to the next stage.

On our first edition we wanted to start with our 20 strongest countries. (You can find the list of countries at the bottom) We want to make sure all the countries chosen have daily active players to be a fair competition. We will look in future events if we can expand the Tournament to include other regions as well. 

All participants IP's will have to correspond to that of the country their flag displays. In other words, no flag changing. This is another step to ensure we have the fairest competition that there is ever been in Asphalt 8.

And with that explanation we can now go deeper on how the Qualifiers will take place. 

Each stage will have its own rewards, so make sure you try your best!

Stage 1 : Qualifer #1 / July 8th - 13th  
- Players from the 20 available countries will face against each other locally. The 100 best will move onto the next Stage.

Stage 2: Qualifier #2 / July 22nd - 27th 
- The best 100 racers from the previous stage will race between themselves to find the top 10.

Stage 3 : "Double Stage" - PlayOff Cup / Aug 5th - 10th
- 10 racers from each country will form 2 groups of 100. The groups will be mixed. On this "Double Stage" the best 100 racers will be promoted to the next league. The best 100 racers in the world. 

Stage 4: Semi-final Cup / Aug 16th - 21st
- From the 100 best racers only 10 will move to the Final.

Stage 5: Final Cup / Aug 27th - Sep 1st
- Everything comes down to this week. Unlimited energy, don't wait for refills. Play as much as you can and become World Champion.

For reaching the top 10 of the world, all racers will get 500 tokens on this stage.

We would also like to share the prizes for the winners of the last stage.

On 3rd place: Unlock the Lamborghini Centenario 
On 2nd position: Same reward as 3rd place + 1000 tokens.
And for the World Champion on 1st place: Previous rewards + 5.000.000 Credits.

The winners will also be featured on our website's Hall of Fame (Coming soon)

Each stage will count with its own recap video, our Summer Tournament Journals where we will release information about each stage's leaderboard, the upcoming track and vehicle of each stage and even some tips to improve your times, so make sure you suscribe to our channel for more! You can catch the first episode here: https://youtu.be/9iJ2wdZZgag


On this edition there will only be one winner per platform. So it's thrice the possibilities.

And that's all for our announcement so far. Keep posted to our channels for more fresh info. And throw some questions that you might have regarding this competition into the #SummerTournament channel on our Discord server https://discordapp.com/invite/asphalt8 We will do the best we can to answer them. 

See you on the track!

* The full list of countries that will participate in this event is the following:

Russian Federation
Saudi Arabia