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Danger Mouse wrote:
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Where? How? It's still not clear ūüėČ

Edit: holy ***** we can use proper emoji ūüė≤

you see the 1 and 2 in my image? Press them beginning with 2 haha

Adding proper emojis in phpbb is a 2 second job, but don’t think GLdevs has the ability to perform such a daunting task. This is from www.airliners.net wher I am admin, replacing standard emojis is just a question of replacing the default images. We decided to keep the uglies along with the new ones. Adding new ones is a simple text script
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Below stats are s h i t nowadays and worth nothing so I can't be bothered with updating. Just a sad reminser of of time and money spent on useless c r a p
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driver2386 wrote:
Just dusted off my MAX/PRO Ford F-150. MP...Monaco (Azure Coast).

Had to do a lot of the "wiggle worm dance" as my granddaughter calls it, but left behind a Donkey and 3 MAX/PRO Survolts (2 single boosted).

I started laughing on the second lap, thinking to myself, "GL is really keeping this game realistic, a Ford F-150, driven by a redneck, beating sports cars in Monaco".

I pictured myself stepping onto the victory podium wearing my fireproof Crocs, cargo pants and a t-shirt emblazoned with pork rind, bass boat and ice chest companies.

If this happened in real life, I would forgo the Champagne at the end.

It wouldn't be the first time I have been doused in Budweiser.

Pretty funny but could not be Max Pro Survolts, F-150 is NOT that fast..lol.
But yea I had the same experience yesterday probably leaving a lot of people with mouth open never seeing one of these in MP before  (I hadn't) and then leaving them in the dust.
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à propos du nouveau je le trouve très bien mais ce serait bien si on pouvait configurer les touches pour utiliser les boost
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alexcholl wrote:
à propos du nouveau je le trouve très bien mais ce serait bien si on pouvait configurer les touches pour utiliser les boost

Aller aux param√®tres (roue dent√©e) --> s√©lectionnez contr√īles --> s√©lectionnez personnalis√©.

...en supposant que vous utilisez un clavier;

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Showdown Q&A

Q. Will be Showdown Mode on R&D and Enduro?

A. No such plans for now.

Q. Will the showdown mode be permanent? If yes, only on TLEs?

A. Soon we're planning to launch a survey to assess the overall emotional experience you as players had with the new mode. Also, we're going to look at some game data and after that will be working on some specific plans for the event.
So right now I can't say for sure if the Showdown Mode receives some permanent integration to the game or will appear on the time-limited side of things. But I personally do enjoy the mode.

Q. Are there any plans to introduce this as a mode in multiplayer or will it be confined to events?

A. If you are asking about straight up Multiplayer Seasons, we don't want to force all Multiplayer in the game to become Showdown mode related. Once again, if we see a need in such integration, we'll think of a way to integrate it that it won't be affecting the regular Multiplayer Season and won't force everyone to play Showdown Mode only.
But no specific plans at the moment.
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