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Hello Racers,
The next update of Asphalt 8 is around the corner! Among other changes, again we will be focusing on improving the fairness of Multiplayer. Keep on reading to find out what’s coming to Asphalt 8!
Further Car Rank Adjustments
Many of you have asked why the rank adjustments does not include cars from Class S. Now they will as we continue adjusting the car ranks to improve the experience in Multiplayer. The changes will affect ALL the cars from Class S and B as well one car from Class A. You can find the full list of affected cars below!
MAX & PRO upgrades prices adjustments
The prices of MAX & PRO upgrades will be adjusted to better reflect the respective vehicles’ performance. As a result the prices will decrease for 154 vehicles, and increase for 94 vehicles. Below you will find the list of all vehicles which MAX & PRO upgrade prices will increase (starting with the ones which prices increase the most). Check it out to make the best of those changes - it might be worth waiting a bit before upgrading some cars or try to max-out some of your vehicles prior to the next update release!
Also please note that for security measures from the next update the MAX upgrades will require online connection. All the other offline activities will remain the same.

Moto Blitz adjustments
Moto Blitz seasons rewards will modified;  from now on progressing through Moto Blitz races will reward you with items required for your bikes upgrades. This makes more sense, right? As a consequence, bike-specific cards will only be available in devoted ProKit boxes, bikes mastery seasons and Moto Blitz career seasons. They won’t be dropping from the usual ProKit boxes.
The amounts of cards required for the pro-upgrades of bikes will be adjusted to be in line with the current cars’ requirements balance.
Holden Coupe 60 becoming non-craftable
Holden Coupe 60 - which currently requires 10 blueprints to be crafted - will be switched to ‘non-craftable status’ after the release of the next update. So before the update, keep an eye on our blueprints offers, as the BP-cards will soon stop dropping from the boxes and stop occurring in Exclusive Deals.
That’s it for now, but of course there are more things coming - including new amazing cars. Stay tuned to find out more!
-the Asphalt Team