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Hello Racers,
With the latest update we have adjusted the ranks of certain cars as a part of our initiative to make Multiplayer more fair and competitive (for more information, click here: ).
It has come to our attention that the matchmaking is currently not working as intended, and you might face opponents with much lower/higher car ranks.
Please note  that current Matchmaking system is not yet switched to the new ranks comprehension and uses the old ranking values instead. Due to this fact you could see the Multiplayer races among cars that have 200+ difference in their ranks.
In order to avoid any further confusions on this matter we would like to announce that Matchmaking system will be switched toward the adjusted ranks tomorrow.
Additionally we would like to stress out that the newly introduced cars have their ranks in line with the new system. Therefore the new cars from the current update are not directly comparable with cars of the same rank from the previous updates.

For example, the Zeus Twelve Sigma has its rank adjusted towards new values while other cars from class S don’t. With tomorrow change the new cars will be matched with the other vehicles with similar stats instead of similar rank to keep the idea we are following for the new matchmaking.

Thank you,

The Asphalt Team