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We are thrilled to have finally released Asphalt 9: Legends to the world, and we are excited to see so many positive opinions and such a lively community of players discussing on our forum, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

But let’s talk a moment about Asphalt 8. We have seen many players getting worried about the future of the game. Let us clear this out of the way: We will continue to update Asphalt 8.
We have a dedicated team of developers that is working exclusively on Asphalt 8 to bring even more content to the game. And as long as you keep on playing Asphalt 8, this team will go on to add in fantastic cars, exotic tracks and exciting events. The game is nearly 5 years old and we hope to support it for many more years to come.
Oh, yes one more thing, Asphalt 8 is going to celebrate it's 5 years anniversary this August, so prepare yourselves as the Anniversary celebrations are coming! We are going to reveal VERY exciting content soon, so stay tuned on Facebook!

We would like to ask you for a small favor - from now on whenever you share feedback/comment on Twitter, Instagram or other social media channels please use #Asphalt8 or #Asphalt9 hashtags to clarify which game you are referring to.
The Asphalt Game Dev Team