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Forum Moderators Needed!

Thu Jan 07, 2016 1:21 pm
Join the team today and let's make this forum an heavenly place for the players of Asphalt 8! We are looking for moderators, make sure to read the qualification below, the missions and the Moderators Program Terms & Conditions.

Go there and leave a comment if you want to apply, or contact me via private message if you want to apply.

Have good English writing skills
Be an active member of the forum (at least 30 posts)
Be patient and positive in every situation
Have Good knowledge of the game
Be over 18 years old and do not have a criminal record
Not have a history of spamming and bad behavior on our forum
Share the will to make the game better and to have a friendly & respectful community
Your mission as a volunteer moderator:
- Frequently take part in discussions on the forum, and answer members’ questions
- Help clean the forum by moving the threads and posts to the correct place (Example: Move members suggestions from “Technical Issues” to “Suggestions”)
- Issue warnings to forum members being disrespectful to others, members posting spam, as well as towards those promoting hacking techniques.  The warning consists of the following message: “[NAME OF THE MEMBER], you have been reported to Gameloft staff. Please, read and respect our forum guidelines if you do not want to get banned.”
- Frequently report issues and suggestions mentioned by the members to the community managers of Gameloft
- Keep in touch with the Community managers via Skype or private message.
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Re: Forum Moderators Needed!

Fri Feb 26, 2016 6:59 am
Hello Fabien, 

Nice to hear you. 

Sorry in advance as I am writing off to this topic, but rather than forum moderator I want to be part of qa testing team.
I am new in forums but as a player I have already spent 1.8+ years in asphalt 8. 
My total asphalt 8 carrier is 93% now. And I have best knowledge of all tracks and gameplay. 
Have a look at my Google+ profile for more information.

Manytimes with update I monitor some bug car or bug in track and as now I have edge of experience with asphalt I would like to be part of remote tester who can bring some value addition in game upon prior or post update release.

If there is any kind of requirement,  please let me know, it will be my pleasure.

Thanks & Regards,