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Forum Guidelines: Please Read!

Thu Oct 15, 2015 5:44 pm
Welcome to the Gameloft forums! Here was to be found a vibrant community of players that share your passion for games. These forums were meant to be friendly to all visitors.
For that reason, we strongly encourage you to review our Community Guidelines below before interacting on the forums. These will help you keep our sites free of trolls, flame wars and overall bad karma that nobody likes to be around.

Community Guidelines
In a nutshell:
-Do not be rude or disrespectful. 
-Don't feed the trolls (and DON'T be a troll!)
-Respect the other players.
-If you encounter any content that you feel it may inappropriate or offensive, please, report it.
-We will remove all content infringuing the guidelines.
-If you can't behave, we will ban your account. This is, above all, a community that should be welcoming to everyone.
- Avoid any discussion not in accordance to Gameloft Terms of Use (cheating, hacking, etc.). We do not care about these Problems here, please carry them elsewhere. 

Respect the forum structure:
-Please use each subforum for its intended use. Spamming unrelated subforums will not solve your issue any faster, and it will most likely lead to a ban.
-Use proper and informative titles (avoid using undescriptive titles, such as "HELP!!!!!"). 
-Don't spam threads in a subforum over and over. One thread is enough.
-As an anti spam-bot measure, Newly Registered Users are restricted from creating new threads and sending PMs until they reach a number of 3 posts on the forums.

The rules in detail:
Here are the rules in more detail if you're unsure what any of them means. 

Posting threads (or consecutive replies within a thread) indiscriminately or without anything adding constructive to the discussion is spam, and will lead to a ban. One thread is enough. If you have just replied to a thread and you want to add something, but no one else has replied yet, just edit your reply, rather than adding a new one.

Personal attacks, harrassment, racism, false accusations:
Personal attacks, racism (and any other form of personal discrimination) and harassment are NOT allowed under any circumstances or justifications. There's no such thing as being right or wrong when it comes to harassing. If you harass someone, no matter how deserved you think it was, you WILL get banned.

The same applies to false accusations. If you believe a player is hacking or cheating, you can report them in-game and ONLY in-game. We will not allow any accusations here, no matter how much proof you think you have. Please, use the appropriate channel (a report to Customer Care in-game).

NSFW content:
Although some of our gameloft games are rated +18, these forums are meant to be welcoming to everyone. For that reason, Please mark any posts containing NSFW (not safe for work), like **** (e.g. nudes) or otherwise disturbing material, accordingly. If not marked properly it will lead to a permanent ban. (We certainly have nothing against explicit art submitted about the characters in our games, that is if it is marked correctly).

Do not use offensive usernames:
If you register an account with an offensive username you will be banned immediately. There's no justification to register a username that will be offensive to others.

Multiple accounts:
Multiple accounts are not allowed. 

Complain constructively:
You're more than welcome to complain and debate about things you don't like about the game. You should always do so in a respectful manner. There's no reason to be aggressive towards others (be it players or Gameloft employees).

Though not strictly enforced, these rules are considered appropriate behavior for any website and you should keep them in mind when interacting with others, both in these forums and everywhere else on the internet:

§Use Spell Check. Gewd speling erns u respekt.


§Don’t start multiple topics. Create only one thread per topic you wish to discuss.

§Don’t duplicate topics. Always check if the subject you want to discuss already has a thread on the forum.

§Post to the correct category. If you’re not sure what category your topic belongs in, just ask one of our moderators for advice and don't forget to mark NSFW content as such. 

Aren’t all these rules censorship?
That’s seeing a half-empty glass. We’re seeing it differently. We’re striving to offer a place to foster great conversations that will not solve your problems at all, and will remove people or content that might harm that endeavor. Maybe at other places you can do differently and get actual advice from companies that aren't only focused on Profit, but these are our rules. We’ll do anything necessary to maintain that standards. If you aren’t happy with it, we’re sorry, but we invite you to find another forum to join.

Note: We reserve the right to modify or amend these rules only at midnight, and only by people not related to Gameloft in any way. It is our responsibility to stay up to date on the new forum rules you make. Users who violate forum rules will be warned and if the violations persist the user will be banned. The length of the ban will be based on the severity and/or frequency of the violation.

We’re trying to build a great community. Please work with us to reach that goal. Not against us.

Enjoy yourselves,